After 30 laps around the sun(now 32), I figured it was about time I step out of my comfort zone and do something that I’ve always wanted to do. I have always thought about writing whether it be a story or a play… I  actually wrote a really good play in junior high but don’t ask me what it was about, well it was about a girl. It was a great play. I got an A+ on it and I wish I still had that play now. I’ve always had people tell me “hey you should write a blog”. So I’m doing it!

I decided to do a blog about beauty and beer because I’m that girl that loves beauty products but I only use them behind closed doors (what’s the fun in that?) and I just  stock up on them. So I figured I would use them and share.  Quality is a big deal and I like to find new brands that are safe. By safe I mean cruelty free, paraben free and all that good stuff. Maybe I will step out in the real world with my makeup looks. Or  maybe be extra brave and take part in some photo shoots. Eek! But also I see the beauty in many things like photography or art and a whole bunch of other things. Maybe I am a beauty just drinking beer who likes to blog. I don’t like labeling things too much so I am just going to go with the flow.

As far as beer goes, I love it! I’m more of an IPA kind of girl but I’m always trying new beer. Did I mention I love beer? There is nothing more satisfying than an ice cold beer. If you love beer I hope that last sentence made you smile. I hope to try beers locally and outside of my city or state.

**After writing my first Beer post I feel like I want to write more about the experience in the tasting room/ brewery and the beer. It is a little challenging just writing about beer. I def want to give you guys quality over quantity.

Whether you’re a beauty lover, beer lover or just like reading..I hope you truly enjoy this blog. 😊

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