River Rock Brewing

Hi!!! Welcome back for another blog post. On August 4th I went to go visit my grandparents. I love spending time with them. They live in Ceres. On the way back to Sacramento I decided I would go check out River Rock Brewing.

They kept popping up in my feed and they are always liking my pics (thank you!!).

I have been to Galt a few times to go the flea market. As I got off the freeway I could already sense that small town feel. I pulled into the parking lot and walked right in. I was warmly greeted by Chris. I haven’t ordered a flight in a while, it was in fact for beer research. They were three other gentlemen sitting at the counter. I wandered around a bit while my flight is being poured. The brewery gave me this general store vibe. They sell home brew stuff, and on their website it says “10% Off of all home brew supplies when  you mention our under construction website….. “.

They have a pool table and various chairs to sit in .

I had already eaten dinner but I wanted something to snack on. If you have read my blogs before you know where this is going.

They had some bacon jerky. Yes bacon jerky. I got the honey pepper flavor and Chris was kind enough to give me some pretzels too.


Let’s talk beer. My flight had 4 beers:

  1. Long Way Down Amber 8.9% ABV, This is a Red Ale. It is malty, a little sweet and full of great flavor.
  2. Po’ Boy Creme Ale 5.5% ABV. This is a cream ale and it is a nice light beer. It is a mellow drinkable beer.
  3. Haze Over the Horizon NE II IPA 7.4% ABV. This is an Imperial Double. Good flavor, hoppy. This is a nice hazy beer.
  4. Mei Wah’na Big Pear II IPA 7.8%. This is an Imperial Double. This beer is hoppy but sweet. It is different. I cannot compare it to anything I have drank before.
1-4 From left to right

I had a good time snacking away and drinking my beers. One of the men at the counter was a priest and the other two were friends. I kept trying to think of that joke ” A Priest, a  Rabbi and a Minister walk into a bar”. Chatted a bit with the guys, the priest had already left.

I got to meet Ed the owner and his wife. Really nice. Overall I had a great time. I enjoyed all their beers very much.


I definitely have to come out for Taco Tuesday. If you are curious about it check them out on IG @Riverrockbrewery

You can also check their website : http://www.riverrockbrewery.com/


Thank you for reading!! Cheers 🙂


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