Hop Junction

Hi! I recently went to check out this spot that just opened up in Sacramento in the Greenhaven area. I called my buddy Justin to see if he would join me and he said he would. I saw a post on the Sacramento Beer Enthusiasts Group Page on Facebook about this place. We got found Hop Junction with no problems.

It is a small space but a perfect size for a neighborhood hangout. Upon entering Justin and I were warmly greeted. Hop Junction has 20 rotating taps and they also have wine.

We ordered beer first.

I ordered Lagunitas Sumpin’ Easy, Pale Wheat Ale 5.7% ABV.  Justin ordered  Pizza Port Chronic Amber Ale, Red Ale 4.9% ABV. We also tried Ace Pineapple Cider, 5% ABV. Once we started sipping our  beers it was time to try some of this food.

I took pictures of the menu.

Sorry I did not take pics of the other side with the starter items.

Justin ordered sweet potato fries and I ordered ordered Mango Habanero wings and fries, with a side of ranch.


This is a nice place and for those that live in the Greenhaven area as this location is walking distance for a lot of people. Overall I liked that I went out to check this place out.  Great beer selection and great craft beer! I will definitely come back and check this place out. I would love to see this place hopping on a Friday night.

I hope you enjoyed this mini blog post and check this place out. I will be doing more mini blog posts of places like this.

You can follow them on IG @hopjunction

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