Track 7 Invitational

I am on a roll with getting this blog posts caught up. I have come to the conclusion that I am the one who is worried about the deadlines I create. LOL.

May 20,2018 I attended the 3rd Annual Invitational hosted by Track 7 Brewing Co. This event was at the Natomas location. My friend Rachel joined me for this event, she is getting into the swing of blogging and showcasing her photography. This was her first beer event. I was excited to not just have selfies and but have actual photos taken.

If you have never heard of this craft beer event before (where have you been?), it is an invitational meaning that Track 7 invites 40 of some of the best breweries in the Western US. These breweries compete with their best IPA’s and Specialty IPA’s.  You will also find other styles just as Ales, Sours, and Stouts.

We got to the Invitational a bit early which was good because I wanted to eat before trying all the delicious IPA’s. They had three food trucks at the event, Slightly Skewed, Masa Guiseria and Pop Up Truck.

I got a pulled pork sandwich from Pop Up Truck. It was really good.

I was way too excited to eat this pulled pork sandwich and chips. Photo credit: Rachel (

It was a pretty hot day and once the doors opened we went in. Our first stop was the Flatland Booth. This was their first time at the Invitational.


One of the beers that they were pouring was Not That Far- 7.6% (NE IPA). They also had a beer slushies, which was awesome because it was a hot.

Track 7 in Natomas is very spacious so it was the perfect venue to fit all these breweries. Rachel and I went around and checked out different booths and tried lots of great beers.

Photo Credit: Rachel (

I especially enjoyed Alpha Acid Brewing. They are in Belmont, CA. I tried Milky Milk and the Funky Bunch of Coconuts- 6.5% (Coconut Milkshake IPA). I really enjoyed the coconut taste.


We also stopped by Alvarado Street Brewery. I tried the Mai Tai P.A.- 6.5% (IPA). This was a nice tropical IPA, light on the bitterness and I liked the aroma of this beer as well.


We also mosied over and tried Altamont Beer Works and Cooperage Brewing Company. We tried lots of beers. No that I think about it we tried a lot .. LOL.

I could go on and on. (Modern Times, Firestone Walker, Mraz Brewing, see I told you I could keep going).

Rachel and I ate again from the Masa Guiseria food truck. I had some quesadillas and Rachel had some street tacos. I had fun talking with my craft beer friends. The day was full of laughs.

Photo Credit: Rachel (
Photo Credit: Rachel (



One brewery that caught my eye in particular was a new brewery, Urban Roots. For being a new brewery in Sacramento and first timer to the event they placed 3rd with Like Riding a Bike- 6.2% (West Coast IPA). Rachel tried their Push To Start- 7.0% (Mocha Porter) and I also tried Church Hug – 7.0% (NE IPA). I really liked their beers.

Photo Cred: Rachel (


I recommend going to this event if you can. It was nice to see the award ceremony and everyone cheering everyone on. I had a wonderful time and it was nice to hang out with Rachel.


Follow her on IG @my_tinywindow and check out her site

These were the winners of the Invitational :


Thank you to Track 7 for organizing such a great event. Congratulations to everyone for being invited and to the winners.

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Thank you so much for reading! Cheers!!

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