Old Town Pizza, Friends, and Photos.

Hi everyone hope you are doing well. I have been meaning to write this blog post for a while. I’m publishing these out of order but sometimes life happens and things aren’t meant to be in order.

I heard about OTP (Old Town Pizza) by a few people. I have actually gone there many times by myself and just sat at their bar and ordered pizza, wings and drank from their amazing selection of craft beer. The staff their is so nice so I’ve sat there and chatted with them. The regulars there are really nice too.

I met Mario through my friends Justin and Michelle. I missed Mario’s birthday party so I asked if they wanted to join me for a pizza party.

Mario takes photos for Michelle and they have become good friends so I asked him if he would bring his camera and take some photos of me. I stopped collaborating with photographers a while back because I get a little awkward in front of the camera.

We ordered two pizzas one was the Mushroom Mayhem and the other was a Combo. You can feel the excitement from this IG video.

We also had garlic fries and the Towney Bites (cheese garlic bread with jalapeños). Omg so good.

We all ordered our craft beers.

Jeremiah is super awesome and he works at OTP he is very nice and knowledgeable.


We were eating and honestly we couldn’t stop laughing we had a great time. We even played trivia!!!  Mario gave me some direction with my photos. We took some group pics. Overall just a happy time.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Old Town Pizza has a great selection of beer. This was the beer board from that day. Their craft beer selection changes all the time, which is so awesome because you can try so many different beers here. We had #8,#9,#12,#15 and a bunch more LOL.

One stop shop type deal. You really can’t go wrong with Pizza and Craft Beer.


I had a great time and was so happy I could share the Old Town Pizza experience with my friends. I really recommend you check this place out.

They are celebrating their 6 year anniversary today! So go swing by! If I weren’t in LA I would be there. I have to make it back over there soon.

Check them out: http://www.otpmenu.com/menu.html and on IG @oldtownpizzaandtaphouse

For this blog Mario took all these photos and you can find him on IG @guerreropixs

and check out his website https://www.guerreropixs.com

You will definitely be seeing more photos of me because of him. He is someone you def. want to collaborate with!

Shout out to my friends Just and Michelle for being just great friends and for understanding all my weird moments and rants. Check out their cannabis review show @doubledcannabisshow

You may be wondering why there weren’t many pics of the food. It is because the minute we got it, we scarfed it down, yea it was that good.

Until the next blog post. Cheers!!


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