Revision Brewing’s Anniversary Party

Hi. It’s been a while since I posted. My trip to Costa Rica was amazing and I am still working on the blog post, it might be a two part blog series for that trip.

But let me tell you about my trip to Sparks,Nevada to visit Revision. It was a last minute trip with my new Craft Beer buddy Nicole. Two Nicole’s who like craft beer. Pretty cool. The drive up was nice. We made it to the brewery and got a pretty good spot in line.


The employees were all walking in and setting up. When the doors opened they had it very organized. They checked ID’s and gave us wristbands.


The first beer I had was State of Haze. Which was a beer they released for the anniversary party. This was a great beer it had a nice aroma and was a nice hazy beer. This beer was 6% ABV.


There weren’t flights for this event, I am sure it would take too long to try and set those up. The next beer I had was Dr. Lupulin 3X, this is a triple IPA and let me tell you a dangerous one because it is so good!!!! This bad boy is 11.3% ABV. So after drinking this I needed to eat. Honestly I did not really eat much that morning. They had a food truck there which was Big Blue Q of Tahoe. I got a pulled pork sandwich with fries. I was so hungry that I did not even take a picture of it and I literally scarfed it down. People told me that LOL.

There was a great atmosphere at this party. They had a band and later a DJ. People were playing corn hole. Lots of dogs and their humans having fun. They were also serving beer in the back which made the lines faster. The back bar area was cash only.


The next beer I had was Reno As Fuck. This was an Imperial NE Style IPA, 8.4% ABV. This  hazy double was a juicy beer. Smells and tastes really good. Very drinkable beer. One of my friends bought a 4 pack.


I also tried What What an Imperial Double IPA 9.1% ABV, this is a tasty beer and you can’t tell you are drinking a 9% beer. A little dangerous lol. I got to meet Jeremy the owner/brewer and he was so nice. You can tell he is passionate about what he does. Honestly he creates great beers and they are heavy hitters. He is about the craft beer life and he took a pic with him. (Nicole and I did)



We even took photos with Jeremy in the photo booth area. I am telling you this party was so much fun. This is probably one of the best anniversary parties I have been to. I have to say Revision is making some good craft beer. I also must say that I tried Revision Double IPA 8% ABV and Leafy Greens, IPA 7.25% ABV.


You are probably thinking to yourself, “Wow she had a lot of beer”, yes I did. I was not in blogger mode but party mode and I can’t stress enough how much fun I had. I love the craft beer community for just having cool, chill and amazing folks.

I cannot stress enough how good these beers were. You know I love IPA’s so I was in Craft Beer heaven. If you have not tried a Revision beer, where have you been? Go find one and drink it!

I do plan on coming back to the brewery in the future. I would love to try more of these amazing beers.

Shout out to Nicole for being cool and a new beer friend that is a girl. Social Media has given me the opportunity to meet some amazing people!!!

Go check out Revision online and follow them on IG @revisionbrewingco


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