Lagunitas Brewing Company at Steve’s Pizza

Last Thursday Lagunitas Brewing Company was at Steve’s Pizza in Elk Grove. I was excited because the Lagunitas Brewery is in Petaluma and Steve’s Pizza is just down the street.

The rep Justin was really nice. He brought a lot of goodies. I will get to all that cool stuff in a moment. Let’s talk about the beers. There were two beers at this tasting event.

The first was A Little Sumpin’ Sumpin’ 7.5% ABV. This is an Ale but it’s hoppy and smooth. Very drinkable. I have had this before.


The next beer was The Waldo’s Special Ale this is a triple IPA , 11.3% ABV. This is hoppy and danky. My kind of beer. I enjoyed this beer a lot!!

Liked it so much I got a pint of it!

To eat I had The Steve which is a combination pizza. Yummy in my tummy.


There was a great turn out and I met one of my followers. So cool! I was really excited. It makes me happy when people read my blog and appreciate it. So thank you to Monique and her husband. You two made my day.


Now let’s talk about the cool goodies. Justin was out there talking to people and being super awesome.


He brought coasters, rolling papers, sunglasses, posters, T-shirts, stickers, magnets and beer glasses. Oh I also got a pin!


I had fun talking, drinking beer and eating pizza. I like that the turnout to these events are getting better. Justin was really a cool rep. Good Thursday night!

There will be a tasting event in Davis and in the El Dorado Hills Steve’s Pizza. For more info on future tastings you can follow them on IG :

@official_steves_pizza  (Elk Grove)

@stevespizzadavis (Davis)

@stevespizza_edh (El Dorado Hills)

If you want to know more about The Waldo’s Special Ale or any of the other Lagunitas beers follow them on IG @lagunitasbeer


If you would like to read more about these tasting events let me know. Don’t forget to comment, like, and subscribe. 🙂


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Thank you for reading. Cheers!!



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