YOLO Brewing Company

My visit to Yolo Brewing on 3/7/18 came about because my buddy Keith was in Sacramento for work. I had a crowler for him and I wanted to show him around West Sacramento. We met up at Jackrabbit, which you all know I have been there before and then we walked over to Yolo Brewing. This was my first time at Yolo. It is a pretty big place. The weather has been very unpredictable in Sacramento. One minute its cold the next its sunny and then rainy. It has just been crazy. As we walked up we both took out our phones to take this awesome photo.



This place is pretty big! When we walked in, Keith pointed out how they have a section where you can brew. Yes you can brew.

I thought this was pretty cool! They have a whole section about it on their website, which of course I will link down below(I will explain more later). So we continued walking and made it to the beer menu.



We each got a flight. I really liked the names of the beers here. My flight consisted of :

  1. Simpson’s Reference–  Pale Ale, 5% ABV- Light pale ale, a little citrusy.
  2. Triggered IPA- 6.8% ABV- You know I like IPA’s. This was flavorful and refreshing.
  3. Szechuan Sauce– Black IPA 6% ABV, I am not sure if I had tried a Black IPA before but this was hoppy and had a bit of a roasty taste to it.
  4. Dullahan’s Red– Red Ale, 5.7% ABV. Good red ale.
  5. Peanut Butter & Jelly Stout, 6.2% ABV. This one smells just like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. So good.

There was food truck called Paquitas Mexican Food. We were both pretty hungry. I got the Adobada street tacos. Delicious! Very flavorful. Keith got a quesadilla.


I really wish I had taken more pictures of my flight. I think I was just caught up in eating delicious tacos, talking and learning about personal brewing.

More on that;

They have recipes that range in price from $170-$300 per batch, depending on the recipe  each batch makes about 72, 22 ounce bottles. 4-6 people per batch is what is suggested for the group. I really suggest you check that part out on their website. You can even customize your labels. I am considering getting a group together for my birthday. I think it would be fun. Here is the link; http://www.yolobrew.com/bop/

Overall I had a great time. I was not too worried about taking photos this time. I want to visit Yolo on a warm sunny day. I think with the open space it would be very enjoyable. I recommend you try all the beers. The PB&J is full of wonderful aroma and flavor. Paquitas Mexican Food is there on Wednesdays, of course check before hand since food truck schedules are subject to change. This is a good location for large groups or parties.

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5 thoughts on “YOLO Brewing Company

  1. Hi, just wanted to tell you that Yolo Brewery also rents out the room in the back. I had my Sons Rehearsal dinner there and it was really cool. I brought food from a restaurant, was able to decorate and had a tab for my guests. The staff there were so awesome for it also. Other breweries are starting to do that too but Yolo started first! Thanks for your blogs, i love them 😉

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  2. Thank you Beauty and Beer for this blog, this place sounds like one I need to visit soon! Thank you Vincent Castellano, I like the idea of a room in back for events. I more so like and am intrigued with the self brew area! Interesting!!

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