Tilted Mash (2.o)

Hi! Hope you are having a good night. I am excited to share with you my recent visit to Tilted Mash in Elk Grove. I visited the brewery on 2/28/18. I am so happy that I was able to visit both Tilted Mash and Flatland in the month of February. I wanted to rekindle and revamp my blog posts. I am so fortunate to have so many breweries close to me. There are currently 4 in Elk Grove.

Tilted Mash is at a new location. I honestly did not realize how I can feel so lost over in this area of Elk Grove. I live more by North Laguna Park. Elk Grove has grown so much. I did get a little lost driving over to the brewery, GPS told me to turn down a dirt road and I said to myself “probably not going the right way”. I did find my way there. I was warmly greeted. I like that this brewery has a lot of open space. It was very cold so the back area was not open.The weather has been cold and rainy, booo!  I ordered a flight and took a seat at one of the tables.

Before I talk about my flight of beers I have to say that I love that they have art hanging on the walls. I also really like the fact that the tables had hooks for you to hang your purse or backpack.

My flight had 4 beers, they were;

  1. Winter in the Grove- Pale Ale, 5.2% ABV, Good pale ale.
  2. Parental Responsibility – Citra Hop Cream Ale, 5.0% ABV. When I read cream ale I was expecting something like cream soda, lol. But it is more of an ale with citrus flavors. Smooth. I could see this as a summertime beer.
  3. Derrick the Red- Red Irish Ale, 6.6% ABV. The color of this beer is so brewtiful. 🙂 To me it tasted malty. Very good red.
  4. Crisp Hi-5 – Double IPA, 8.1% ABV. Definitely hoppy, I could taste some citrus, dank but not heavy. I liked that.


While I drinking my flight I met Jonathan. He said he recognized me from instagram. I don’t know why it still baffles me that people recognize me from IG.  He brought over a little hazy goodness for me to try. He explained to me that this was going to be released this weekend (3/2/18 or 3/3/18). This hazy goodness right here is Azaccaknot a Hazy IPA. This baby was good! I love it. The aroma smelled so good! I could drink a lot of this.



After trying that deliciousness, Jonathan gave me a tour of the back room where they have the live music and events. They also have a kids play area which I think is pretty cool. This brewery is very spacious. I liked the decor a lot. The atomosphere was quiet and chill. Great tunes were playing while I was there.

If you are free on 3/3/18 I suggest you go check out the SBE Chili Cook Off benefiting Paradise Oaks Youth Services. That is from 3pm – 6pm at Tilted Mash.


If I had to choose a favorite from the flight it would be Derrick the Red. Not a lot of reds out there and I enjoyed it. But you probably already guessed that I would say that Azaccaknot was my overall favorite.

If you have the opportunity to visit Tilted Mash, I suggest you go for it. Thank you Jonathan for your hospitality.

You can visit them online https://tiltedmash.com

Follow them on IG @tiltedmash

I also must say that I do like that Tilted Mash supports Flatland, I did see a post on their IG about Flatland’s glassware. I think that is cool.  There is a lot of support in the craft beer community.

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Thank you so much for reading. Cheers!

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