Why Craft Beer?

I went to the grocery store to get some salads.. I am trying to eat healthy. Key word here is trying. I moseyed on over to the craft beer section. Sometimes I just like to see what new cans have been added. As I was standing there staring, this man says to  me “craft beer is expensive.” He says this to me as he grabs a case of Bud Light. For someone being in my head all the time, there is so much I could have said, such as “you get what you pay for”. I actually said “I am not a fan of super light beer.” I mean you could use Bud Light for beer pong ( I did not say that but I thought about it). He proceeded to tell me that he did not understand what all the hype was about… Hype?! Where has this guy been living? I mentioned my blog but he seemed uninterested. I went on my merry way and honestly I was a little shocked.

To me there is a bigger picture. This is how I look at it. You go to a local brewery. You walk in, you have people pouring beer. Usually the owners are or they have some employees. Right there- JOBS.

You decide to try some of their beer. This is their creation. These brewers came up with a recipe, a name, and there is all that behind the scenes trial and error and also some science involved  that you don’t see. Craft beer is not crap so there is hard work and heart that goes into it.

You sit down and enjoy this beer. The benches they chose or the tables and chairs came from somewhere. All that decor had to be bought. The glassware/merchandise had to be bought and their logo had to put on it. So these breweries are helping people stay in business. The website, if they did not design it themselves they had to hire someone. Some get accounts at restaurants and stores to carry their beer so if you aren’t close to a brewery you can still try them.

They support food trucks. Breweries support non-profits, little league teams, you can even have your own event if you want to.

But here is the biggest thing, all these Brewers took a risk, to follow their dreams. Every single one took that leap to make craft beer. To me that is so admirable. And they have to see if people like it. (That part would be pretty scary for me). So to the guy at the grocery store, this is not some hype bro. These are real life dreams that turned into reality and I have the privilege of putting that glass to my mouth and drinking that nice cold craft beer.

We are in a Craft Beer Renaissance. The world is a scary place with so many things going on and so much divide. But one thing I see from my corner when I drink craft beer is that craft beer brings people together. Families, friends, coworkers, and even dogs get to enjoy meeting other dogs. I personally like to see new parents with their babies. Some people judge but there is nothing wrong with them going for a beer and hanging out.  I see some new parents share a beer and eat some food while their baby is just hanging out or meeting another baby.

Every brewery is different but they all bring the community together. People are united. It is inclusive for everyone, of all ages, races, and genders.

Breweries collaborate with other breweries. Team work makes the dream work.

Craft beer has paved the way for people to blog, vlog, or have their own podcast. Artists can show off their skills with can art. I can go on and on and I am sure if you are reading this you can think of some things as well.

Sometimes I have bad days, we all do. On those particular days I may decide to go have a beer and then leave. Just by going into a brewery and having a random little chat with someone or just seeing people have a good time makes my day better. So many people go through so many different things and its nice to see lots of smiling faces in one place. There is an impact being made and I don’t know if people realize it. But I see it clearly.

So to the guy at the grocery store you do get what you pay for. I pay for quality. By supporting craft beer I am supporting someone’s dream. To me its worth it.

So the next time you go into a brewery make sure you thank them, because they are doing something major.


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