Flatland Brewing Company (2.0)

Hi! I decided to write an updated blog post about Flatland since I first wrote about them back in 2016. This one will be the 2.0 version.

If you have been following me on Instagram you know that I went to Flatland brewery February 9, 2018. I met some cool people that night. I also realized how long it had been since my last visit, I don’t really have a “home brewery” I kinds just bounce around. Well that night I had lots of fun talking. I am a total anomaly because I can be such a hermit but I can also be such a social butterfly. That night I was a little social butterfly flying in the wind.  So that night I was getting ready to leave but saw these “tall cans” in the fridge. They were in fact crowlers and they were a set of 3. I took them to the counter and said “I want to buy these.” There was a man at the bar who informed me that those were his and that he had them in the fridge to stay cool. (Fail and facepalm) I was so embarrassed and I apologized but he was like it was cool and told me not to worry about it. I believe his name was Will, I owe you a beer man because yea… hahaha. So when I got home I was like “why did I do something so dumb?” Oh well. I got a glass from the brewery which I must say I do like very much.

Days later…

I randomly thought to myself, I have not done a more recent blog post for Flatland and Tilted Mash. I wanted to write new updated blog posts.  I decided to go back to Flatland on Valentine’s Day. So I came up with this hashtag #ionlyhaveeyesforcraftbrews this month and I thought I would use it in my beer pics. Valentine’s Day comes around,  I am not a fan. No I am not a hater its just that all my Valentine’s days have been epic fails or I buy myself something and take myself out. (There is nothing wrong with that, I am an independent woman).  At work I decided to see what time they opened, part of me wanted to leave work early. They were closed. (Wow Nicole another fail). So instead I ended ups at Steve’s Pizza happy hour. All good.

So now let’s fast forward to Sunday 02/19/18. I was going to go visit some friends in the afternoon but they were out and about. So I decided to go to Flatland. It was a nice sunny day but cold. I am not a fan of the cold. I was looking for parking these nice ladies told me they were leaving so I could take their spot. So nice! I parked and then I realized it was full. EEK. So I took a big deep breath and walked inside. There was a line. I am so easy going I don’t mind waiting at all,  plus it was packed. But for it being packed the line moved fast.  I was warmly greeted by Andrew, I ordered a flight. I wrote down my choices and Andrew brought it out to me. I sat in the front room facing the wall. To me that was perfect because sometimes when there are that many people I don’t like people to watch me. (I know I have my weirdness about me).

So when Andrew gave me my flight he told me that the first one on the list was starting from the right. As I started to drink  Pilsnerish,


I was like I should turn it around so its on the left. It’s not a big deal but I just needed it on the left and I am left handed. A normal person would lift it up and turn it, not me. For the sake of not having an epic fail and spilling or dropping everything I moved one by one. I think someone watched me do this.

Ok lets talk beer.


  1. Pilsnerish – Blonde Ale 5.2% ABV.  I did take notes while drinking these beers, I did not have my notebook so I used some paper I had in my purse. This is crisp and light. If you like light beer this is for you. Very drinkable. If you are hesitant to try something I would suggest going with this one first to ease you into the other choices.
  2. Beachfront Ave– Fruit Sour 6.2% ABV. I am getting into sours and I really like this one. To me it tasted like candy. Not too sour, just right and such a pretty color! img_8242
  3. Murk Diggler – Crushable Hazy IPA, 6.2% ABV. I like the name of this beer. Hehe. I like the hazy color of this beer as well. Good flavor, not too hoppy. I really like this beer. It is different. img_8247-1
  4. Endless Summer– West Coast(ish) IPA 7.1% ABV. I like this IPA. Nice aroma.
  5. B@tch 100– DIPA 8.0% ABV. I wanted to try this one after reading on IG about their challenges with this beer. I like it. A little bitter, crisp, but this one has a distinct flavor.
  6. DHS– Dry Hopped Pinot Gris Saison, 5.4% ABV. I haven’t had too many Saisons but I feel like this is a unique take on a Saison which I enjoyed very much.

All of these beers were good and there were more on the board that I have tried before and some I have not. What I love is the consistency of goodness with the beers here at Flatland.

So after finishing my flight I had to use the restroom, so here you get to read about another fail.  I should have gone to the restroom earlier. Keep in mind they have one restroom, nothing wrong with that. The door was closed so I thought there was someone in there. A couple minutes go by, I took a few pics and now I am doing that “I have to pee” dance, now there is a line and the girl behind me asked if someone was in there and I was like ” yea I think so ” I said this because I had barely touched the door knob and it seemed locked. No it wasn’t, there was no one in there and I made myself look pretty silly. So idk if I am just comfortable doing dumb stuff here at Flatland or what. I do like the vibe here. I feel like this is a place I can go to and feel like I belong. I just hope I don’t have an epic fail there, haha. People talk to me, which I am starting to get used to. I like being unknown and in the shadows sometimes, but it is nice to chat with people and the cool thing about Flatland is that the don’t have TV’s so people have to socialize. Even my little hermit self. Another funny thing is that I decided to record my segment for The Unfiltered Gentlemen Podcast while at the brewery and I felt like such a weirdo staring up at this




while recording .  I just realized I was matching the wall decor  because I was wearing red and black flannel, as you may see in one of my photos.


There was a food truck there. Saucylitos.


I was planning to eat with friends close by so I didn’t order anything but let me tell you the couple next to me got some wings and my mouth was watering just from the smell.

I was hesitant in taking photos because there were so many people there. But here are some pics I managed to take of me and around me.


I think if you haven’t been to Flatland or have been, but have been a stranger I suggest you go. They definitely live up to “small batch, huge impact”. I get a feeling of “community” when there. Check them out online: http://flatlandbrewingco.com/beer/  and on Instagram @flatlandbrewing

You can also hear about my visit on The Unfiltered Gentlemen Podcast. You can click on Podcast in the Menu and check out the latest episodes I am featured on.

This was a long blog post, so if you made it this far. Thank you! I appreciate every single one of you who supports what I do and what I am trying to achieve.

Stay tuned for my next visit to Tilted Mash. The first time I went there was with my buddy Justin so he may want to go.

If you aren’t following me already on IG check me out @beautyandbeer


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