Fountainhead Brewing Company

Hello and happy Super Bowl Sunday to you! I really wanted to share with you my experience at Fountainhead brewing before heading out to my Super Bowl party.

Friday evening I had dinner with my dad. We had Chinese food. I was stuffed. Then I contemplated going out. Honestly I was kind of being lazy, I blame that on the delicious Szechuan prawns I devoured during dinner. I had been peeping out Fountainhead brewing on Instagram. I was going back in forth in my head whether I should go or not and then I said to myself “just go”. On my solo adventure I went. This brewery is located on 24th street in South Sacramento. Now don’t let the drive to this brewery discourage you or let the surroundings get in the way of you trying good beer. I have grown up in South Sac most of my life so I know there are a lot of great places. Upon arriving I noticed that there is not a lot of parking. There was some in the front but other than that if you do go you may need to park down the street or across the street in the residential area. Another great idea would be to Lyft or Uber. Once I parked I noticed the food truck packing up, but I was still full from the Chinese food so getting more food would have just been overkill.

I entered the brewery and was warmly greeted. I got a flight of 6 tasters. I gave the Mark, the nice guy working the bar, one of my stickers and he was nice enough to put it on their fridge. I took my flight and sat down. This place was pretty busy and from my observation it looked like everyone knew each other. The Kings game was on TV and there was music. I liked the they had an eclectic playlist which I enjoyed very much.

Lets talk beers.

  1. Cranberry Sour- Sour Ale 4.4% ABV. I liked this sour, it was not too sour and I enjoyed the taste. I could see myself enjoying this more in the summer when it is nice and hot. Smooth and tart.
  2. Leo -Belgian Pale Ale 5.7% ABV, 65 IBU. I liked the malty flavor. Beautiful color. I also got a toasted flavor from it as well.
  3. Hollywood Park– IPA 6.7% ABV, 74 IBU. Floral aroma, hoppy, had a nice bite to it. This IPA tasted different than most I have had. Bitter citrus flavor.
  4. City Tropics- IPA 5.5% ABV, 65 IBU. This IPA is citrusy, I tasted orange and light hoppy flavor. Great aroma.
  5. Oh Rita– Red Ale 5.5% ABV, 30 IBU. Very Drinkable. Roasty and full flavor. I liked this beer and the name.
  6. River King- Porter 5.9% ABV, 34 IBU. Very smooth, light, roasty (I feel like this is a great made up word), hints of coffee and sweet but not too sweet.

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Overall the beers were good. The atmosphere here was nice. I feel like everyone knows everyone but in a cool way like the show Cheers!. I can’t get that song out of my head “where everybody knows your name and your always glad you came..” Some people even came up and asked me what my favorite beer was. Mark  came to check on me a few times and he told me about how they are making lagers and there will be more beers up on the beer board soon. Very happy that I came out, this place is a diamond in the rough and I suggest you check them out! Thanks again Mark you were very welcoming. Thank you for the City Tropics bottle.

I very much look forward to coming out during the Summer because they have an awesome patio. Also ask about the colored lights and see if you can press the button. 🙂

Go check them out online at

Follow them on IG @sacfountainhead

If you aren’t already follow me on IG @beautyandbeer  to stay up to date with all my beer adventures and tastings.

As always thank you so much for reading. Cheers!!

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