Seismic Brewing Co. tasting at Steve’s Pizza

Hi everyone! I hope you are enjoying your day today, this blog post is a little bit different than my previous blog posts because I was able to try Seismic Brewery Co. beer at my local Steve’s pizza here in Elk Grove,California.

I was on Instagram just kind of scrolling through and I have noticed that Steve’s Pizza had posted something about a tasting and it really caught my attention. I love Steve’s pizza, I usually go there and just order my pizza as take out and eat it at home. When I saw the post on Thursday I really wanted to check it out. I had contacted some friends to see if they wanted to join me but a lot of people were kind of busy on Thursday. I  decided to respond to the Steve Pizza IG post and they responded back (I liked that). When I got home from work I was considering not going to the tasting,  sometimes I get a little weird about going places by myself (even though I am so used to going places by myself). Anyways I decided to go to the event; it started at 6:00 PM.  I think I got there around 6:10 in the afternoon, I was warmly greeted by the employees at Steve’s and went over to the tasting area.

I met Will the marketing manager with Seisimic brewing. I also met Mike who was working this tasting event, he is on IG  @sacbeerenthusiast. I also met Todd the owner of Steve’s Pizza and Eric, who facilitates tasting events for the Elk Grove and Davis Steve’s Pizza. They were all very welcoming and they had two beers to try as part of their tasting event.

The first beer I tried was Alluvium Pilsner ABV 5.0%, IBU: 55. It definitely tastes like a traditional German Pilsner. I loved the crisp taste. Nice clean finish. Good hop flavor. Very good. I think this beer is very drinkable, I feel like this would be great to drink at a summer BBQ. I just get that summertime vibe but of course you can drink this whenever.


I got to talk to Will about Seismic Brewing and I was very impressed with their mission as a brewery. Quality and sustainability is important to them. The brewery and the brewing processes were designed to maximize water and energy efficiency, so that they make awesome beer in an environmentally sustainable manner. They care about the planet!

The second beer I tasted was Megathrust IPA, ABV 7.0%, IBU:55. If you have read my blog posts before you know that I am a total hop head and love drinking a nice cold IPA. This was well balanced, fruity, and hoppy. I enjoyed this IPA very much. I could taste the fruitiness. I had to get a full pour of this baby.

I ordered a small pizza and talked beer with these gentlemen. I feel that Seismic Brewing is coming in hot with not only their beer but their views on water, the planet and most importantly the community. Will is very passionate about his job and it shows when he talks about Seismic Brewing. Another important note is that they do not outsource, everything from the glassware to tap handles to the stainless steel for the brewery is made in the USA. That to me speaks volumes.

They are definitely on to something here. Will also gave me some stickers, sunglasses and I got some sample cans to taste. I wish there had been a better turn out but Todd is on to something by hosting these tasting events. He is going to bring people who love craft beer together. I have to say the craft beer community is a great one!

If you are in the Sacramento or surrounding areas and interested in checking out Seismic Brewing then mark your calendar with these events:

01/18  Lowbrau — Seismic Brewing and Sierra Nevada, Sustainability and beer event

01/18  Steve’s Pizza in Davis- Seismic Brewing tasting event

If you are in Elk Grove there will be brewery tastings at Steve’s Pizza on the second Thursday of every month. They also have tasting on Thursdays in Davis and El Dorado Hills. Don’t worry I will keep you posted!

I feel I can go on and on but what I want you to do is go check out Seismic Brewing Co. online and read about them. I love the website and the section about sustainability is awesome. Follow them on Instagram @seismicbrews

I suggest you take a look at the can art. Trust me just look at it. So cool.

Follow Steve’s Pizza in Elk Grove to stay up to date with the tastings and for great pizza. Online at and on Instagram @official_steves_pizza

I am proud of myself for not staying home and working on stepping out of my shell. This was a great night and I look forward to more tasting events. Huge thank you to Todd, Will, Eric and Mike. I enjoyed talking to you guys about craft beer.

If you like craft beer and good people I suggest you check out one of the tasting events!

Seismic Brewing Co. is working on their tap room once it is open I will be making a trip out there!

As always thank you so much for reading. Let me know your thoughts, comment and like. 🙂

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