Jackrabbit Brewing Company

Hello everyone and Happy Holidays!! I have been pretty busy with the holidays but I wanted to share with you my experience at Jackrabbit Brewing in West Sacramento. I ended up going there on a Saturday afternoon, it’s been pretty cold in Sacramento so sitting outside was not an option. My friend Amanda met up with me and we had a flight of beers. Let me tell you that this place has a very cozy vibe to it. There is a lot of room in the back and it filled up pretty quickly.


Their flights consist of four beers which you can choose yourself and they are small pours.

My flight consisted of:


Pub Ale, 5.2% ABV- Full flavored, easy to drink. Beautiful color.

Saison, 6% ABV- Bitterness is gentle and not harsh at all. Crisp, light fruitiness, and malt flavor.

Party Clouds, NE IPA, 8% ABV- Not too hoppy with a citrus juicy flavor.

Alpha Mosaic, Imperial IPA, 9.3%- Floral notes, not very bitter. Tropical flavor.


I actually felt that all their beers were very drinkable meaning nothing stood out as far as bad tasting. I felt like everything was very easy to drink.


The overall atmosphere was very family-friendly and dog friendly as well.

But in this blog posts I’m going to share something that happened while we were talking and enjoying our beers. There was a group of people at the brewery who were having a really good time, we noticed them because one of the ladies approached us. She asked us  what our favorite beers were. She seemed to be a bit intoxicated (but she wasn’t alone and was accompanied by friends). As the night progressed to we noticed that the beer tender had asked them if they were driving, and from what we could tell they had told him no. Then we noticed that the woman who had come to speak to us ( we didn’t catch her name) had walked out of the brewery. Amanda immediately said that she hoped that the woman was not driving, I honestly thought that the woman had stepped outside to have a cigarette or maybe get some fresh air. I had come up with multiple scenarios of what she could’ve been doing outside but we noticed that the lady never came back in. Amanda noticed that a truck had driven off. We had both hoped that she didn’t drive because she did seem intoxicated, we continued on with our conversation and enjoying our beer when we overheard the beer tender tell the woman’s group of friends that she had driven through a fence nearby. We were pretty shocked when we heard the news. I feel the beer tender did do his job in asking if they were driving or not. As the night went on we heard that the woman who drove drunk was trying to get on the freeway but ended up hopping a curb, hitting a sign and going through a fence  with her truck. I don’t know if she hurt anyone or herself in the process.

I bring this woman’s story up because it’s very important to be responsible, I would be lying if I said that in the past I have never driven buzzed. I have learned from it and definitely try and make good choices and looking at all my options. Beer tenders/ bar tenders can only do so much at a brewery or bar. They aren’t babysitters. It is your responsibility as an individual or as a friend to make sure that you and your friends are not driving drunk. Real friends don’t let friends drive drunk. There are so many options now like calling a friend who is sober or calling a Lyft or an Uber. With the amount of growing breweries we all need to be responsible and understand our limits I truly hope that the woman who drove that night is okay because everyone’s life is important. We all make mistakes but it is important to learn not only from your own mistakes but use other people’s mistakes as an example of what not to do.

It was an eventful night. I would love to come here again. I honestly would like to try their sours. I had a little sip of Fair Hare from Amanda’s flight. I think that is the one I tried because I could taste the blackberry. I know I always pick the IPA’s in my flights and need to switch it up. This place also looks like a great spot to host an event or private party.

I would recommend you check out their website : http://www.jackrabbitbrewingcompany.com/index.html

Follow them on IG @jackrabbitbrewingcompany

Thank you so much for reading! Follow me on IG @beautyandbeer


Stay tuned to some changes to my website and some new surprises! Cheers 🙂

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