New Glory Craft Brewery

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your loved ones. This brewery I am blogging about I visited on October 22, 2017. Shortly after I had the flu for 12 days. No joke this year has been crazy for me when it comes to my health. Thankfully I am feeling better so I think I will be checking out a brewery today.

Ok so on this day I hit up my buddy Justin to see if he wanted to go check a brewery out with me. He was on board so I went to go pick him up and we headed over to New Glory Craft Brewery.


This brewery is located off of Alpine avenue. It was a very nice day so there were people seated outside. The inside is a little bit small compared to other breweries but it does have a “home like feel to it”, there is a couch in there and the decor is nice.

Justin and I went up to the counter. We both had never been here so we were just looking at the beer menu.


I asked the woman who was working if they served flights she said no. So Justin and I continued to stare at the menu. I stated with the Juicy Secret. Justin had it too. This is where it got kind of awkward. So after standing there feeling a bit dumb we ordered and we purchased some chips. My hands were full and so were Justin’s.  (In case you did not know he is in a wheelchair) So he cannot really maneuver himself around with a glass of beer and chips in his hand. The woman working just stared. Did not offer to help. Not saying that she had to. So I told Justin to wait while I found a place for us to sit outside. There was nothing accommodating for Justin inside. The tables in this brewery are tall. The area where  the couch is would make it awkward for people to get around. So I pulled the chair away from one of the tables and put my stuff down and then took Justin’s stuff and he came outside.

We were chatting and whatnot. Their beer is really good. They have awesome can designs and people rave about this place. I was not even going to post about this place because I was kind of disappointed. Now hear me out I am def not trying to talk shit about this place at all. But I wish we had better service in the sense that I wish the woman had said “hey are you guys new here? do you need help deciding?” something to that effect. What also bugged me is that the inside was not accommodating for someone in a wheelchair, I think I am more conscious of that because of Justin and he is my friend and I want him to be comfortable.

But the beer was excellent. I loved their beer. So let’s talk about that.

  1. Juicy Secret– American IPA, 6.9% ABV. Hazy and juicy. Not real bitter.  A very drinkable beer.
  2. Dripping Wet – Imperial Double IPA, 8.1% ABV. Soft juicy taste with hop bitterness.
  3. Do You Even Mosaic Broh? – West Coast IPA, 6.8% ABV. This was my favorite! Juicy with citrus notes, danky and hoppy.


Overall the beer here was great. Good atmosphere, a lot of people were drinking inside and outside. I wish the service was a bit better. I was not even going to post this blog post because I don’t want people to be negative but I can’t stop people from thinking what they want to think. I noticed that this brewery had some negative comments posted about their Black Friday deal on Facebook. I feel like people are always going to have an opinion on something. I would definitely go back because they have great beer. Check them out for yourself.

I also hope that people reading this blog post think about how people who are in wheelchairs want to be included. I am sure they love craft beer too. Think about them when you are designing a place whether its a bar or a restaurant.

So with that being said check New Glory Craft Brewery


Instagram: @newglorybrewery

I will come be coming back to buy some of their awesome cans!

Thank you so much for reading. Hope you enjoyed it!! Cheers. 🙂

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One thought on “New Glory Craft Brewery

  1. EVERY place ive been .. people are always offering help when im at brewery. .. people who work there and the customers i always feel welcomed. … but the feelin was not the same at that place… im not a person that gose and looks for things like that cause i dont ever have to think about when showed love by anyone and everyone. … i know that they were very helpful to sale there beer to customers that came and went and i made the best of what it was with my friend… i jus hope they dont make anyone else feel like that cause i can blow it off no fuks givin but im not everyone…. bless all !


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