Out of Bounds Brewery (Part One)

Today I am writing this but I went to visit this brewery on July 23rd. With my brother visiting I have not had the chance to write. I have like 3 blog posts I need to catch up on. So let’s talk about this brewery. This brewery is located in Rocklin. The atmosphere is really chill. My friend Amanda met up with me. Their flight of beers is served on a wheel.  This is my first time seeing something like this which I thought was very cool.

 ​I started this post( in July) but a lot things happened after this day. I feel like I went through a lot of personal things. I think I  can be my worst enemy. I will continue with the blog post after this little update… After leaving this brewery I had a total meltdown. . I had a great day at the brewery but I had been letting things build up so much that I just broke down. Days after this I had the worst anxiety, I was so sad. My depression was out of control. I thought about deleting my BeautyandBeer IG page. I thought about deleting my account with WordPress. As you can see my first paragraph is when I originally started writing this post and could not continue. I felt writer’s block. I felt sad. We are now in October. Where did the time go? I have some blog posts that I will be posting. This time for sure. I was so scared to post, I was so worried about rejection. But even with me not posting any new content I have had people from all over the world read my blog. Someone in Canada, someone else in Taiwan, Japan, Spain and many more countries. So I thought to myself maybe this blog brings some sort of joy, or seems interesting. Why not keeping going? I can say that now I am feeling better, I still have my good days and bad days. But what I did learn in this time is that I have to believe in myself even if no one else does. So I decided I need to finish this blog post because the brewery was awesome and I def think you should check it out. 


Ok so back to this brewery.  Very chill atmosphere. It was very hot the day Amanda and I went to check out this brewery. They offer a wheel. Yes a wheel with beers to taste. The staff was very nice and I enjoyed every single beer.


These were the beers on the wheel.


I loved their Juiced DIPA’s. If I remember correctly the blackberry one didn’t give me a lot of raspberry flavor. There was nothing on the wheel I did not like. They have food trucks that come during the week. I even chatted with a nice guy. Just a nice positive day. I will definitely have to come again, especially now that it is not so hot. The weather in CA has been crazy. Way too hot!!! I feel like I need to take more pics and write more since this post doesn’t give this brewery enough credit. ​

Check them out on IG @outofboundsbrewingco

They are also on Facebook : Out of Bounds Brewing Co

Check out their website https://outofboundsbrewing.com/

If you are reading this, thank you so much for reading. Thank you for your support. I will be posting more. I promise. I will also try to add a few personal blog posts here and there. Let me know if there is a brewery you want to check out, I would love to read your suggestions.

You can comment below or you can email me at beautyandbeerblog@gmail.com

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I am going to name this Part One since I do intend on going back.

Cheers! 🙂

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