It all started with a sample…

Hi. It has been a while. I have been “soul searching” and what not. You know life happens. Sometimes when life gets tough I enjoy treating myself with some retail therapy. I have been shopping at Ulta a lot. Maybe a little too much.

With some of my purchases I have received some great samples. I got my grandma some body lotion from Lancome and I received this great sample.


The rep at Ulta told me that people were loving the results of this product. So I decided to give it a try. I used the sample in the morning and before bed.

I have not been feeling the best but let me tell you I have had strangers compliment my skin. Which made me feel awesome! LOL. So I decided to buy the 30ml bottle (1 oz.) which was $78.00 (not including tax).

I noticed right away how soft it made my skin feel. I love that that bottle comes with a self loading dropper so you know exactly how much product to use. The sample bottle has the same little dropper as well. It loads just enough for my face and neck. I also put any excess on my hands.


I have been pretty consistent in using this product. I love that it absorbs in my skin and  there is no oily residue or feel.  I have noticed a positive change in the texture of my skin. I also have some little wrinkles that I personally have noticed on myself and they appear to look smoother.

Lancome has been around for a long time, more than 80 years to be exact. My grandmother has used it and I have been looking into the brand more. Looking at their website they are eager to be innovative and use biotechnology to deliver products that can transform your skin.

I should have taken before and after pics but I think I am going to see how great my skin looks after a month of use. I honestly feel that this product is pretty magical. When I wake up in the morning I feel like my skin looks refreshed and firm.

I know for some this product may be pricey. But my suggestion would be to try the sample. I will be reviewing other products in the future. I noticed that on their website they do offer samples based on how much you spend. The more you spend the more samples you get. I personally love saving my Ulta points to use towards my more pricier purchases.

Overall I give this product two thumbs up! I will be reviewing more skincare and I am currently working on some beer posts. I also have a pretty fun and exciting collaboration that I look forward to sharing with all of you very soon!!

As always thank you so much for reading. Please like my blog and follow. Also check out my Instagram @beautyandbeer.

You can check out Lancome on IG as well @lancomeofficial


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