Hair & Make up with Stephanie

I had a wedding to attend on 5/13/17. I was short on time with planning for this wedding and finding a dress. I wanted to have someone to do my hair and make up but most of my friends were already booked. So I turned to Instagram. Coincidentally I saw Stephanie Hymiller @hairdosandtat2s posted her business card. I had been following her account for some time, I knew she was local and  some of my friends know her. So I figured why not text her and see if she is available. I was at the airport in Vegas when I sent her the text. I was heading back to Sacramento. She was pretty quick in responding and asked me to send her hair and make up ideas for the look I was going for.

Keep in mind I still had to find a dress. So when I did find a dress I texted it to her.


I also asked her if she was OK with me blogging about her doing my hair and makeup and she seemed really excited about it. I was excited and nervous as well. I have always had my hair done or make up done by someone I know. Usually it was someone doing my hair and me doing my own makeup or vice versa. So this was the first time for both with someone I did not know. EEK!

Let’s fast forward to the day of. She texted me that morning. We were both excited. I left my house early to make sure I was on time. The salon is located at 1931 P Street in downtown Sacramento. I drove by the salon like 3 times. LOL.

I was trying to find parking. Luckily 3rd time’s the charm because I found a parking spot right in front.  I stepped into Salon San Severo. I was immediately greeted and made myself comfortable. The salon had a very nice vibe to it.

Stephanie came in and we got situated and she started with my makeup. I showed her the make up look I wanted and she started choosing colors. Then the magic began.  She worked on my eyes first.

She made me feel very comfortable and we just chatted about life and what not. She has been doing hair for sometime and enjoys doing hair & makeup and bridal events.  She definitely took my hair idea and made it come to life.



Then it was time for me to get dressed. She helped me finish getting ready. Final hairspray and finishing touches and voila!

Overall I had a great time. The time went by fast. She is great at what she does. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for any hair or makeup services. She is a very kind and positive person. I am really glad I stepped out of my shell and contacted her. It is nice to meet kind and extremely talented individuals.  This blog has helped me meet such kind souls that are so talented at what they do. I hope to work with more makeup artists/hairstylists in the future.


Check out Stephanie on Instagram @hairdosandtat2s

Follow me on Instagram @beautyandbeer


Thank you for reading and stay tuned for future blog posts!!

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