Fort Rock Brewing

Hi! It’s been awhile. But I am excited to share with you my experience at Fort Rock Brewing. It was a cool Saturday night. Not to delve into my personal life but I was on a date. We were at the Historic Nimbus Winery Building, going to play Monster Mini Golf. By the way that place is really cool. It was too late for Monster Mini Golf so we played at the arcade. It is a very fun place, I would recommend checking it out.

So you know me when I see a brewery I want to mosey on over. So we did. It is a nice open spot. There was a good amount of people talking and enjoying good beer. Some people were playing board games. There is lots of seating and open space.

We were kindly greeted and I got a flight of beers. He is new to craft beer so he tasted from my flight. (in case you were wondering)

They have a few IPA’s on the menu,( as you should know by now, are my favorite). And if you don’t know now you know. 🙂

So let’s talk beers


I tried:

Bent Pipe Pilsner- ABV 9.5, IBU 19.5.  I liked this Pilsner it was clean and refreshing.

Lights Out IPA – ABV 8.1, IBU 61.  This IPA had some fruit flavor notes and hoppy  but it was smooth.

Foggy Goggles Double IPA – ABV 8.9, IBU 70. Citrus flavor and I really liked the bitterness finish.

Bad Wolf Red IPA – ABV 6.0, IBU 37.1.  I could taste the pine and it is malty. I tasted spices in this beer.



The Double IPA was my favorite. I really liked all the beers. Good flavor, crisp and smooth. img_5668

Because this brewery is located in the Nimbus Winery Building you can order from a small plate and appetizer menu from Old Spaghetti Factory. You can also bring in your own food as well. They are dog friendly and kid friendly.

Overall I really love the open space at this brewery. Very chill atmosphere, friendly staff and great beer. I was also in very good company and had a wonderful time.  I would definitely come back.

Please check out this new brewery out and show them some love.

Follow them on Instagram @fortrockbrewing

They have a website


Thank you for reading about my impromptu beer tasting.  Cheers!!

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