Tonymoly Sheet Masks

Hi! I know its been a while. I am sorry. I missed writing a lot! I got really sick towards the end of 2016. Can you believe I got the flue twice?! I had a stomach virus prior to that, and let me tell you it was not fun. Good news is I am finally feeling better. YAY!

I have a great plan for breweries and beer tastings in 2017. I am really excited, you should be too. So please stay tuned.

But let me tell you about my current beauty obsession. Sheet masks. TonyMoly sheet masks. I have seen these things all over the internet and I bought a few for myself. These masks have really cute packaging and are for so many different skin needs. TonyMoly masks are made in Korea and they are committed to ethical skincare principles. (I like that!)

I have previously used the “I’m Real Sheet Mask – Tea Tree Mask Sheet” this one is for skin soothing. I have peach fuzz on my face that I wax, yes it’s true. For any of you like me who turn very red when waxing, this mask is great. It really soothes my skin.

I have also used Aloe mask which is also very moisturizing. I recently went to Ulta and noticed they had some TonyMoly sheet masks. So guess what I did? Yes you guessed it, I bought some and tried them out.

I tried these cute little masks the focus on laugh lines called “Wrinkle Line Patch” and these other ones that are called “Eye Patch” for the under eye area.

I am a little self conscious about my life lines. So I was eager to try this out. I am thankful I don’t have under eye bags.  I loved how hydrated my skin was under my eyes and it seemed liked it plumped it a bit, in a good way. I am definitely buying these again. I like these masks because I feel like I have to take a time out out of my busy life to relax and have these on.

The next one I tried was the TonyMoly “Mud Mask Sheet – Mud Peeling”. This one was pretty interesting. The mask comes in two pieces one piece is for the top part of the face, from the forehead to the nose and the other piece goes on the bottom portion of the face. There is also a some layers that have to be peeled of and then applied. It was wet when I applied it. I sorta felt like a Mummy. LoL.

I kept the mask on for 40 minutes and peeled it off and rinsed off the mud. My skin felt tight but in a good way. My skin felt really smooth.

Overall I am really loving the TonyMoly brand. I have bought more masks to try.


I am going to try these next. What is your favorite sheet mask?? I would love to know.


You can check out Tonymoly online and on instagram @Tonymoly.official

I am sure I will be posting more on this in the near future.


Thank you so much for reading my blog. It feels good to be back. Stay tuned for my next beer post. I might be in a city or state near you!!

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