Flatland Brewing Company

After writing about Tilted Mash I was undecided on where to go next. Tilted Mash suggested I go to Flatland Brewing. So on Sunday I decided to run some errands and then stop by to quench my thirst. It actually started raining on my way over to the brewery. I felt like it was the perfect day to just enjoy some new beers.

If you are familiar with Elk Grove, CA this place is around the way from the Gun Room. I pulled up and I was kind of happy that it did not seem like there was a lot people. When I walked in, there were 3 people chatting.

I instantly fell in love with the bar area. Very cozy feel. As you can see they are pet friendly 🙂

Flatland Brewing Company

First things first I had to see about getting a flight of beers. They had 5 beers available for their flight. I asked if I could take pictures. I ask just because I don’t want to be rude, you know what I mean. So I took my flight to a table and then wandered around to snap some photos.

So from the bar area I walked into another sitting area.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I think this room would be really nice at night. I loved the lights. Lots of room for me to bring all my beer drinking pals.  I continued on exploring.

Giant Connect Four!

It was a cold day so I did not stay out here too long. But this Giant Connect Four.. I want one!  I think a fire pit would so awesome.


Are you seeing my vision for a fire pit?

So I was done exploring and ready to try these beers.


Here was my starting line up. I decided this time to take notes in my phone and just write the first words that came to mind when tasting these beers.

From Left to Right in the flight

  1. Royal Quail – English Dark Mild 3.8%The description is true . That is what I wrote for my note. They describe the flavor as “caramel, toffee, cocoa”. I tasted all of that.
  2. Hop Loss – Pale Ale 5.2%Bitter. Bold. I like.  I really liked the taste of this beer, to me it tasted like an IPA.
  3. Apricot Tarte – Fruit Sour 4.4%Definitely can taste the apricot. This had great taste. I enjoyed the fruitiness. It was juicy but dry at the same time.
  4. FareTheeWell- Imperial Pale Lager 7.0%- Piney and smooth. I could taste the citrus as stated in the description. But I really enjoyed the Piney flavor a lot.
  5. Cafe Au Lait – Golden Coffee Milk Stout- 5.75%- Toasty. I didn’t know what to expect with this beer. For me I didn’t get a strong coffee flavor but more of a toasty flavor. Loved the beautiful color.

What I liked about all these beers is that I could taste the different components that made up the flavor in each beer.

Cafe Au Lait – Golden Coffee Milk Stout

While enjoying these great beers. I tried … guess… come on… Beef Jerky. Haha I cannot get enough of this stuff. I like that it included a flosser/toothpick. I m glad that I did notimg_4628have to use it. I even got to chat with Sean about beer. He was very nice. (Him and his brother make these yummy concoctions).

I even got to try a little taste of Field Burner – Smoked Vienna 6.5%. It was not officially out yet. I felt like I was part of the secret beer club or something. This one is interesting in a good way. Smokey. I need to try it once it is released.

Flatland is making new beers all the time. What this means to me is I need to go all the time and try all these beers because I might not be able to get the chance to try them again. This could be my new favorite place to hang out. There were a few guys chatting about beer. I mostly like to listen as I feel that I can be a tad awkward. I know that is all in my head but still. This woman showed up and played a board game with her daughter. Another woman came in to sit in the other room with her laptop. Chill spot on one of the first cold days of the year. Very good vibes.


In case you are wondering what my favorite beer was, drum roll please .. Hop Loss Pale Ale. I liked all the beers. I am really happy that I came to check this awesome place out. I will definitely be coming back. If you are in Elk Grove why haven’t you checked this place out?

I am glad there are great breweries in Elk Grove. Show your support!!

Check out Flatland Brewing Company http://flatlandbrewingco.com/home/ 

Follow them on IG @flatlandbrewing

Where should I go next? Send me a suggestion. Follow me on IG @beautyandbeer 

Thank you for reading!! Cheers 🙂

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