Tilted Mash

Hi everyone. It’s been about two months since my last blog post and for that I am sorry. I had a lot of things taking my time. I had to take care of some family stuff and for those of you that know me family is everything to me. But I am back on the craft beer train (for sure this time) and ready to start posting again!

So my friend Justin wanted to go shopping on 9/3/16. We were planning on going to the mall but decided to check out the local stores in Elk Grove. We went to Tilly’s and shopped around. But then we were stricken by extreme hunger. We went to Oak Park Brewery because he had never been there and they have good food. He had their chicken sandwich and I had the Po Boy Sandwich. It was a hot day and the beer was nice and smooth. I told Justin how I really wanted to check out some of the Elk Grove Breweries. We decided on Tilted Mash.

On the drive over there we turned onto Union Park Way. At first I thought we were lost. Just an FYI this location is by warehouses.

When we arrived there was a food truck outside. They were selling these massive hot dogs that looked really good. We went in and noticed that one one side you order and the other side is a sitting area. There is a sitting area on the ordering side but it was packed. All the employees were really nice. We were greeted with a warm welcome. Of course I got the flight of beers and Justin just a regular 12oz. I also got some jerky. I have this new thing about jerky and beer lol.

We went over to the sitting area. What I really liked is that there was a nice big fan to keep us cool.


One of the guys brought my flight. I really like how they bring it with a paper that lists all the beers on it.


They have random art on the walls. It was pretty packed. People playing board games with their kids. People chatting. I even met some guys from the Sloppy Moose running club. So let’s get to the beers.

The flight consisted of eight 4oz beers. This is the order I drank my beers:

  1. White Gummy Bear Saison – ABV 7.3% I really liked the Pineapple taste in this beer. Soft and very refreshing.
  2. NorCal Fresh Hop Pils – ABV 4.9% Czech style Pilsner. I liked the smooth malty taste. I liked that it was very crisp. One of the employees told me that the Hops were grown and picked fresh from Yuba City’s United Hop Farm.
  3. Easy as A.B.C. IPA – ABV 6.1% You know I love IPA’s. This one had a nice dry finish. I also tasted an earthy flavor.
  4. Summer In The Grove Pale Ale– ABV 5.2% Justin got this beer and he loved it! He said the name fits with the taste. I enjoyed it too. I enjoyed the fruity flavor and yea it was a great beer to enjoy on a hot summer day in Elk Grove.
  5. Hoppy Jefe v3 IPA– ABV 6.0% This IPA is fruity and finishes dry. Very tropical like flavors.
  6. Derrick The Red – ABV 6.6% I absolutely love the red color of this beer. Hoppy with subtle hints of caramel.
  7. Eskimo Brothers Coffee Milk Stout– ABV 5.7% I am not going to lie, the word “milk” in the name worried me. I did not want to run to the bathroom or something mid sip. LOL. But let me tell you this bad boy is so smooth. It is not bitter and is nice and dark. Here is a cool fact, the coffee is Finca La Joya Coffee from Identity Coffee Roasters in Midtown Sacramento. Great Stout!
  8. Enamel Assassin DIPA – 8.2% This was my favorite! Really hoppy yet crisp and I truly enjoyed the fruit flavors I got  from it as well.


I must say this is a great spot. I loved the chill atmosphere. All the beers are great. Yes, all of them but of course I had to pick a top favorite.  I truly think that if you check this place out you will enjoy their beer. I would definitely come hang out again for the beer of course but also the  food trucks and attend any future events. They are definitely a hidden gem you need to discover.

Check them out online at http://tiltedmash.com

They are also on IG @tiltedmash

Thank you so much for reading, it feels good to be back. I will be posting another blog post next week. So stay tuned.

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