Fort Point Beer Co.

So mid April I got an email in my Beauty and Beer Blog gmail account. I am going to be honest I was pretty excited that someone sent me an email wanting to collaborate with me. Keith and I emailed a few times and set a date.

The date of our shoot was 6/18/16. I had a lot going on between April and May so I was glad we could get something scheduled in June. On the way to San Francisco ( yes another shoot in SF, I seem to get more love from the city) I made sure to leave hours ahead of time and by hours I mean like 3 hours ahead. I was stuck in traffic. Womp Womp. Luckily I was in contact with Keith to let him know. He was chill about it. I had done part of my make up before leaving Sacramento. By the time I got into SF (3 hours later) I had to get to Jose’s house, drop off the car and call an UBER. I got to Jose’s house and tried to finish up my makeup as quickly as possible. The UBER came through and we got in. Of course there was traffic because of the Giant’s game. We finally got to the Ferry Building and Keith was waiting for us outside.

I was ready for a beer and was curious to check out Fort Point Beer Co.


They are located in a Ferry Building Kiosk. They had 7 beers available.


A little background on Fort Point, it was founded in 2014. The brewery resides in the Presidio building which is a historic building that was once use as an Army motor pool.

We asked if they served beer flights but they do not. I can understand why, they are in a kiosk. So, what do you think I tried? Of course, LOL the IPA. I got the Villager and I loved it! It had a great fruit flavor. This IPA has a unique fruit taste with the right amount of bitterness.

Villager (IPA) and Summer Porter                                           Photo cred: Keith Bodziak

Keith got the Summer Porter. Very tasty as well. They live up to their philosophy, these beers are thoroughly enjoyable.

I really loved the atmosphere. The cool thing about this spot is that they sell hot dogs and pretzels. So if you get hungry you have something to munch on.  I snapped a pic of all the growlers. You can see that this place is a bit small, but don’t let that stop you.


Jose got a pretzel, believe it or not he is not much of a beer person. He did enjoy his pretzel. Keith and I talked about what I want to do with the blog. We talked about Instagram, followers and hashtags. I had told him I am not good with posing so he gave me some pointers. We snapped some great shots at this location.

Photo credit: Keith Bodziak

For this place being in a kiosk it gets a lot of traffic. When we got there there was just a few people and then it got busy!

People would come and chill to sip a beer, hangout for a while, and then leave. Others would swing by just to fill their growlers.

“So many great choices to choose from”             Photo credit: Keith Bodziak

We moved towards this wall to get this great shot.

Photo credit: Keith Bodziak (This is one of my favorites)

The wall of beers is so cool. I saw more than one person go up and touch it. Yes, I am guilty of doing it too. 🙂

This was a great idea on Keith’s part. It was a great starting point to just chat and get to know a bit about each other. I am definitely planning on coming to Fort Point again. From this point we moved on to the pier  and some other locations but I will save that for my next post (or two).

Stay Tuned… 🙂

I would like to work with Keith again. He is gives great advice. Follow him on Instagram. He has two accounts: @beer_shark and @keithbodziak

Check out Fort Point on IG @fortpointbeer

Follow me on Instagram @beautyandbeer and leave me a comment I would love to hear what you think and am open to any suggestions as to where I should go next.


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