Sactown Union Brewery

So the Uber did not go too far. The ride from Twelve Rounds over to Sactown Union Brewery was pretty short. When we got there the outside patio was pretty full. People were hanging out and playing corn hole. There was a nice lady in the front who checked our ID’s and stamped our hands and we headed on in to the tasting room.

I really love the dark atmosphere. By dark I mean it is not really bright, just a few lights.


The tasting room had a good amount of people. Love the feel of this place. They were playing some old school hip hop. I really liked the murals on the wall.

The beertenders were super chill.


I did not know what to pick for my flight of beers. The flight had four beers. The beertender chose them for me.

  1. Kölsch – ABV 4.8%, IBU: 27 (Köln-style Ale)
  2. The Catalyst- ABV 5.3%, IBU: 36 (Sacramento Common)
  3. Something Wicked IPA- ABV: 6.8%, IBU: 71 (American IPA)
  4. Big Fella- ABV 7%, IBU: 60 (Irish Red)


(1-4 from left to right)

My favorite was the Kölsch. It was so crisp and light. The Catalyst was good, it takes like a German Pilsner to me. In the middle of my beer flight I got the munchies. The awesome thing about this place is that they have snacks. I decided to purchase a bag Midtown Beef Jerky. This beef jerky was amazing!! I got the Sweet Heat flavor. I think I need to buy some of this in bulk 🙂



I finished the rest of my flight. I don’t know why but the last two beers did not make a big impression on me. Not sure if it was because I was full. I did drink a 6 taster flight at Twelve Rounds Brewery and ate a whole bag of beef jerky.

I would definitely drink them again. I would also like to try the other beers Sactown Union Brewery has to offer.



Rich and I chilled and I saw two Boston Terriers. I spent a good amount of time petting the puppies. They were so adorable! I wish I still had the picture of the two cuties but I snapped a pic if them on Snapchat.


After some good puppy time. I watched one of the beertenders use the crowler machine. So cool! Rich took an up close video for me with my phone. You can check out the video on my Instagram.  Rich got to check out a crowler.



I really enjoyed the vibe here. I want to definitely check it out when there are some food trucks and when I can get to play a game of corn hole, in the daytime. I have a tendency to get to these breweries later in the evening. But I definitely recommend checking this cool place out. Thanks Rich for introducing me to this place!

I am fortunate to live in a city with awesome breweries. There is just something about drinking craft beer that I truly love. So much flavor.

Check out Sactown Union Brewery you wont be disappointed!

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