Twelve Rounds Brewing Company

My buddy Rich was nice enough to tell me that he wanted to help me out and check out some breweries with me. So we set the date for 6/17/16. Friday night rolls around and we hopped in the Uber for a ride to Twelve Rounds Brewery. The more I do this the more I realize there are so many breweries to check out in Sacramento.

So we walk up and there were some people sitting outside. What I liked is that there were a mixed group of people. Right away I could tell this was going to be a chill spot. We sat at the bar. I asked the girls if they served taster flights. Of course they did, and they handed Rich and I flight sheets.


They serve them to you in order from top to bottom. While waiting for my taster flight I got to scope out this place. It was not crowded which I thought was great because I took a few pics. Most of the people were sitting outside.

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Then my  taster flight came. Yay!

Starting from Left to Right.

  1. The Dude – Pale Ale, ABV 5.0%
  2. Knockout – Stout, ABV 5.3% (chocolate coffee stout on nitro)
  3. Round 1 – Pale Ale, ABV 6.1%
  4. Uppercut – IPA, ABV 6.5%
  5. Eye of the Tiger– Triple IPA, ABV 9.8%
  6. BBA Sneaky Peat– Bourbon barrel-aged Scottish Ale, ABV 10.0%

I did not drink them in this order because I prefer to drink them from light to dark. So the order I drank my flight was :


1.The Dude, 2. Round 1, 3. Uppercut, 4. Eye of the Tiger, 5. Knockout and 6. BBA Sneaky Peat.

I was going to drink Knockout last but Rich advised me to drink the BBA Sneaky Peat last. So I took his advice.

I liked all the beers!! My favorite was Uppercut (an IPA, surprise surprise). I tasted citrus and I liked the aroma on this one. The BBA Sneaky Peat was sweet but not too sweet. I enjoyed the way it tasted. This was a new type of beer for me.  I was impressed with the Knockout because it was smooth and had a chocolatey (is that a word?) flavor and smooth taste. I feel like I would definitely like to go again just to try all of them. For $20 you can go the distance and try them all. None of the beers made me feel bloated, which is a great thing.

They have bottles of water and chips you can purchase. They are $1.00. They also have food trucks or places you can order from that will deliver. They have a TV. I like that they are active on Facebook.  I would like to see more pics on Instagram. The beertenders were really nice and the bathrooms were very clean. ( I like that!)

Rich and I got to chill, talk, and enjoy our sampler flights. Although it was a little slow that night I enjoyed the chill atmosphere. They also have dog treats for your furry friends. 🙂 I  got a cool sticker.


We finished our flights and decided we would check out another brewery nearby. So we called our Uber and we were on our way.

Check out Twelve Rounds Brewing Company!


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You can contact me at or on IG @beautyandbeer

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