New Helvetia (Part 1)

So from Gather Oak Park, we decided to go have some beer at New Helvetia. We took a Lyft (because it is important to be responsible).

I have been to New Helvetia before, I went on a date there. Aww lol. I have only gone to this brewery at night. And here I was showing up again at night. I am calling this “part one” because I want to check out the brewery during the day.

When we walked in there were a lot of people in orange shirts, like a club of some sort. Everyone seemed to be in a good happy mood.

I walked up and  I ordered a flight of beers. I got to choose what beers I wanted in the flight. They have a list on the wall.


Taster Flights are $9 for four 5.5 ounce  pours. These are the beers I chose


K.I.S.S. Pale Ale- Alcohol by Volume (ABV): 5.4%

Thunderbeast IPA -Alcohol by Volume (ABV): 7.2%

Indomitable City Double IPA – Alcohol by Volume (ABV): 9.0%

Temple Espresso Homeland Stout- Alcohol by Volume (ABV): 5.5%


I thought they were all good. Great smooth flavor. The IPA’s had just the right bitterness. I would drink them all again.  But let’s talk about the one that made a real big impression on me. No it was not one of the IPA’s (I know shocking) but the Temple Espresso, WOW.


When I was drinking the flight and getting towards the end I was like “oh no will I even be able to drink the stout?” (Of course this worry took place in my head) When I tried it I was surprised, I thought it was going to be heavy. Not at all, this beer is so crisp. Great coffee taste and really great aroma. I really really like this beer. I think I should try Temple Coffee too. Let me also say that none of these beers made me feel bloated in any way.

New Helvetia has a good atmosphere. I feel like it’s the cool hangout spot. There was soccer on TV and people were playing ping pong in the back. There are a lot of places to sit or you can stand at the bar which is what we did. They have pretzels for you to snack on and water to sip. I saw people bring food in to eat while they enjoyed their beers and they have food trucks on certain days.


There was a good amount of people and I didn’t want to snap pics with people in them only because I don’t want to intrude or be weird. But I did wander around and found some quiet spots. I also must say that their bathroom is very clean!

The people that work at New Helvetia are super chill. They did not want me to snap pics of them, I can respect that. They did let me go behind the bar for a few pictures. So I am happy with that. (Thank you!)


It was almost closing time so we called our LYFT, I had a good time. Very chill spot with good vibes, I like that. I will be back to feel the vibe in the early hours and hopefully try one of the awesome food trucks.

I found out the folks wearing the orange shirts were from the Sloppy Moose Running Club. I obtained this information  from the newsletter after my visit. I like the newsletter, it keeps me up to date with what is going on via email. I would like to see them keep their beer list up to date on the website, for some reason I tried to check it out and I got an error. I also sent a message via the site about doing a visit and did not get a response so I think it could be an issue with that part of the site. But they have great information on their site and they are on social media which I will link  below.

GREAT place. I will be back soon!!!

Check out New Helvetia

Facebook –


Instagram- @newhelvetiabrew

Going forward I would like to talk to someone and drink beers with them to hear what they like, not necessarily the owner (that would be cool) but even someone who works there who is knowledgeable about the establishment and the beer. I would like to do this with all the breweries for my “part two’s” LOL. It can be challenging describing beers but I think I got some pretty good pics. I am working on getting a camera in the near future.

Thank you for reading my blog. If you would like to collaborate you can email me: or DM me on Instagram and follow me too 🙂 @beautyandbeer 




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