Gather: Oak Park

Hi! I know I have been MIA, but my life has presented me with a lot of obstacles. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger right? Well I am back on track and everything is ok. I was feeling really overwhelmed but life is great. No matter how bad I think things get I have to remind myself that it could be worse.

My anxiety has been present and I have been a bit apprehensive about going out but a friend posted on Facebook about Gather in Oak Park. I was planning on going by myself but I figured I could meet up with her and check it out. So the event was in front of Old Soul Co. at 34th and Broadway. I parked a block or two away not bad at all. I was not sure what to expect. As I walked up I could see food trucks and hear music. At the entrance they ask if you are going to drink and if you are you get a wrist band.

There were a lot of people. Normally I would be a little overwhelmed but right away I could feel the chill vibe. Met up with Rachelle and got in line to get a beer. The line was long but it moved fast. They had beer, cider, wine, water and Moscow mules. I got beer, Lagunitas to be exact. Once we got our beers we ventured out.

There were vendors selling items and they had  tables for people to eat.


One that particularly caught my eye was Newton Booth Bevelworks. I think his work is amazing.

It was nice to see families out and about. Lots of cute dogs! Big dogs, little dogs. I really want a dog. I mean at least they could accompany me to cool stuff like this lol. This particular dog stole my heart.



There was a DJ and they also had live music. Kids were dancing. Adults were dancing.

As you can see I was concentrating too hard on taking the pics, hence my funny face. LOL.

We ventured over to the food truck area.


There were a lot of people and usually I am ready to get my grub on but I was hot and not feeling too hungry. The food truck that caught my eye was Wandering Boba. I do regret not trying their food. But I will definitely be attending this event again and I hope they are there, because I will be coming with my appetite.

I did try the Moscow Mule and it was refreshing.


We stood and listened to music. I cannot say this enough but,  great vibes!!


I am really happy I went and I am glad that Rachelle met up with me and hung out with me. It was nice to see people smiling, kids having fun and people coming together. Good food, good beer and good people. With so many things going on in our city, state, country and world it is hard to see the that in people. Coming to this event reminded me that there is good and good people can spread that goodness. It all starts with your community.

I would recommend going to this event. It is every second Thursday,  May- October  from 5pm- 9pm. I will for sure be at the next one. Major props to Unseen Heroes, the folks that put this together

You can look on the site to see what food trucks, beer and vendors will be there. They also have previous event info listed as well. I will link all that stuff below.

We took a Lyft to a local brewery after this event but I will be posting about that very soon!! Stay tuned. 🙂

Gather: Oak Park –

Unseen Heroes –

Newton Booth Bevelworks-

Wandering Boba-


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