River City Marketplace at Fremont Park

So part of me is trying to venture out  and explore more. I am being brave, haha. I really love handmade items and arts & crafts. I saw on Instagram that River City Marketplace was hosting an art market. So of course I scrolled through their Instagram to check what local businesses and crafters would be there.

The day of, I had my cousin Leila come with me. I would have gone alone but I didn’t want to be a loner and Leila likes arts and crafts like me so I thought she would enjoy it.

I had scoped out a few vendors that I wanted to see. We got downtown around 2:30pm. Such a nice day in Sacramento. I found parking, yay! We walked over to Fremont Park and there were so many people. A lot of people brought their dogs which I thought was awesome.

Everything worked out perfectly because I ran into the all the vendors that I wanted to see right away.

The first vendor I came across was Indie Sweets. Dana makes these delicious caramels. She is really nice. I told her how I had seen the picture of the salted caramel on River City Marketplace’s Instagram. Dana told me she has an Instagram but has not done much with it. I told her she should post pics! I tried the Original Sea Salt Caramel. I had to buy a bag.

I also tried Caramel Apple Sea Salt Caramel. I bought a bag of this as well and am eating some while I type up this blog post. So good!!! I am surprised I have not eaten both bags.


I am really practicing self control. I did not try the Black Licorice because I am not a fan of Black Licorice. But I am sure that if you like that flavor, these caramels would be amazing. Dana you make some amazing caramels and I hope you post pics on Instagram. I am already thinking of ordering more. I have already eaten four right at this moment (so much for self control). Don’t worry I am putting the bags away. She has an Etsy store : https://www.etsy.com/shop/IndieSweets and she has Instagram @indiesweets

I will tag her in some photos 🙂


Leila and I continued on and I was excited to see the Thomas J. Collection. I had seen this on Instagram as well.


Such great woodwork. It amazes me how people can just make beautiful pieces. The table in the picture is absolutely amazing. If I had the room I would love to have a table like that. One day! Great items, big and small. There were coasters, cutting boards, and cute little desk organizers. I was happy that I got to see these amazing pieces in person.

Take a peek at their website : http://www.thomasjcollection.com/ and their Instagram @thomasjcollection 


There were so many vendors. I would stop and look and keep walking, take a picture and then see a cute puppy. Then I ran into Odd Petals. I got to meet Alden in real life. I say that because before that day I had only communicated with him via Instagram. I have actually won a few giveaways that are directly or indirectly associated with Odd Petals. Now I just need to win the lotto, LOL.


Odd Petals DIY Creative Resources specializes in screen printing, glass etching, canvas printing and art design. They do production for Uprise Collective. You can see some of their awesome shots in my picture.

Also in the booth was Magotes Totes. Really cool stuff. I will be working with Alden and will have a giveaway coming up very soon. Be on the lookout. 🙂

Explore these cool accounts on Instagram

Odd Petals @oddpetals

Magotes Totes @magotestotes

Taproot Designs @taprootdesigns

Uprise Collective @uprise_collective


The next vendor that caught my eye was The Paper Gold Company. I had already taken a look at this Instagram page. Love these stamps!


When I was a kid I had a whole bunch of stamps. I wish I knew where they were. 😦

When I stopped at this booth I honestly wanted to buy all of them. They are just so cute! You can even design your own. I think I want to create a “Beauty and Beer”stamp. Katie was really nice. This is what I got.

I love that my stamp came with this little cloth bag.  I find myself going on her website and just looking at all the stamps and designs. So many possibilities.

Take a look,  http://www.thepapergoldco.com/category/kid-stamps and on Instagram @papergoldco


I just happened to walk up to the final booth with Leila and we were both instantly intrigued by what Sandra had on display. There is something whimsical, magical and a tad odd (but in a good way)about her art that I love. I was so happy to see that she had Alice in Wonderland themed items. I bought this 8×8 art print.



I have spent a good amount of time scrolling through her etsy store. I just love looking at all the big eyed characters. I really want to get all the Alice in Wonderland prints. I absolutely love this.

Check out her https://www.etsy.com/shop/sandragrafik/

Overall I am really happy that I went out to  River City Marketplace. Follow them on Instagram @rivercity.marketplace

It was just a great day and just good vibes all around. There are a lot of artists doing great things in Sacramento. I hope that they have more market events like this in the future. If you did not get a chance to go this time around I do recommend you try to make it out next time. It is nice to shop local and support local business owners. There are great people making this community better.

Please take a look at some of the artist’s pages, I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Check out my Instagram @beautyandbeer  and if you enjoyed this post please comment. I am working on getting some beer posts.( I know I have been lagging). I promise I am working on it.

I am really glad that I am stepping out and exploring.

Thank you Leila for joining me and being one of my biggest supporters. Love you!!

4 thoughts on “River City Marketplace at Fremont Park

  1. Thanks for letting me tag along, I love supporting our local vendors, its an awesome thing for our community, and I cant wait to see what’s next!! 🙂


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