Holy Shit

Where do I even begin with this one? Well I was driving to San Francisco for my friend Jose’s birthday party. I also scheduled a shoot with a photographer named Sam. I hit up Sam on IG.  I contacted him and he asked me what my outfit choices were. I had not picked out any outfits and I hate everything in my closet when it comes to needing an outfit. So I went to Tilly’s and walked around the store like 5 times. This girl asked me for help and I declined. This guy asked me if I needed a fitting room and I declined at first. Walked around grabbed stuff, put stuff back. I finally just grabbed a bunch of stuff with some help from that chick and  asked the nice guy for a fitting room and tried it all on.  I was really stepping out of the box here. Trying on crop tops, eek! So I got the outfits and I sent Sam pics. I didn’t know if I was supposed to send a written detailed description or just snap a photo so I just snapped a photo and sent it. That was all set and we decided on an outdoor shoot.

So the day of, its like 9am and I have anxiety. EEK! So I got my outfits packed. Started doing my makeup. It was a really nice day in Sacramento so I was pretty sure it was going to be nice in SF. Loaded up the car. Still anxious. Put on some Crest white strips. Got on the freeway and sat in traffic. I sat in traffic for about 20 minutes without moving. Took my white strips out (I had a paper cup to dispose of them, don’t judge me). Moved about 5 miles and sat in traffic again. I was wearing a pink sweater and shorts but the shorts were those almost knee length ones. It was so hot I was tanning through the tear and rips in my shorts and my knees were feeling hot so I rolled up my shorts (that was not the best idea). So I am like in West Sac and I say “oh shit!” I forgot the plates and napkins for Jose’s party. I am stuck in traffic I am messaging Sam because traffic was not moving. I had to go back to Elk Grove to get the stuff, I also realized I forgot a pair of shoes for the shoot. Called Jose, he is telling me to chill. I get off the freeway, hop on the freeway  to Elk Grove. So lets just say I got to EG and ran in my house, double checked everything and headed back to SF. So apparently there were like 3 accidents earlier that day that were now clearing up. So no traffic. Yay! Of course I hit traffic around Vacaville. I decided to roll down the window. Of course my luck, a bee flies in and sits on my dash. Ok cool Mr. Bee get out now. He starts swarming around my head. Of course traffic started moving and I had to keep my composure because I’m driving. Mr. Bee decided to sit on my arm. Why me? He flew out after a few miles and I rolled the window up. Looked down at my legs and they were tanning pretty fast. Tan lines…. great.  Sitting in traffic I gave Sam a heads up of my possible ETA. He was cool about it. Texted Jose. Almost got hit by an SUV while in line to pay the toll. By this point I think I think most of the words coming out of my mouth were not that kind.  Crossed the bridge. Yay! Then I couldn’t find parking, I couldn’t parallel park in my new car but I figured it out. Had a mini melt down. Like what am I doing with my life? For reals. I do that sometimes…overanalyze. Jose tells me there is parking in front of his house.  I don’t want to move my car. I just mastered parking. I move it. I glanced at my phone and WordPress sent me a notification that a bunch a people had recently looked at my blog.



Maybe it was a sign idk. I felt better. Jose helped a lot because he drove me to meet up with Sam (Thanks boo!).

Let’s get to the shoot. So Sam asked if we could pick him up. I asked him if he was a killer. I specifically asked “you’re not a killer right?”. Ask him. I really sent that message. He said no. Would a real killer admit to being a killer? Probably not. But we had messaged each other and his family is from Nicaragua too. (Nicaragua is in Central America, Google it). We picked him up and we decided on this spot in the Mission District. We parked and the boys got out while I changed in the back seat, thank goodness Jose’s back windows are blacked out.

So let me just say I took risks with my outfit choices. I had previously told Sam that I am new at this so I am open to direction and what not. I honestly think that I do better outside and in natural light. We took pics in front of a brick building. My first choice was the denim dress from Tilly’s. I wore wedges and cute gold head band. Yea I put that together. Oh and I did my make up too. 🙂

I had Jose take over my Snapchat.

Having him there helped me a lot. Sam was also really chill and we were all talking and stuff so I felt more comfortable. Took some good shots in this fit.


Outfit change. Ok so here is me stepping out of the box, I go back to the car to change. Crop top and shorts. EEEK! Oh yea and I cannot forget to mention my cool cat ear headband. We took some pics of me standing and then I decided to stand on the window sill. So I was getting creative with it. Sam was playing music on his phone. Jose was taking videos and pics  for my Snapchat.


And then there was this plant/bush in a planter box. So we decided to try to do something with that. I moved the leaves around and had fun with it. Some of the leaves blocked my face, and when I moved them some came back to hit me in the face.


Then Sam takes a picture and looks at it and says “Holy Shit”. I say ” oh shit what?” and he shows me this pic.

My “Holy Shit” pic.




Hands down this is my favorite pic of myself ever. We were getting down to the wire with time since Jose and I had some things to take care of for his party. Took some more pics and that was a wrap. Dropped off Sam. Jose and I headed to Safeway. I was starving and he had to get some stuff. So I was feeling myself so much that I really considered walking into Safeway with my crop top and cat ears. Jose was like “umm its Safeway”. True. So I put on a flannel shirt and left my cat ears on because I thought they were cool.


The day started off hectic but turned out to be great. I felt a lot more confident. Sam was cool. Jose was there supporting me and his party turned out  great. My pics turned out great. I really need to learn to not worry so much about things that are really out of my control and just do it,( I know you just thought about Nike).

I would def work with Sam again and plan on going to some different spots in SF. A little background on Sam. He has always had a passion for art but sucked at drawing so he took a different approach and picked up a camera in 2008. He currently shoots with a Canon 5d Mark iii. He never intended to photograph models, since street photography is his first love. But shooting models is working out for him.

Check out his IG @sam_i_am41

Thank you for being patient with me and it was a pleasure working with you.

To Jose thank you for being one of my greatest friends. You helped me tremendously.



If you would like to collaborate you can email me at beautyandbeerblog@gmail.com

Follow  me on IG @beautyandbeer  I will be posting more pics from this shoot there.


What do you want to see next? I have a lot of beer events coming up. You can leave me a comment below. For some reason WordPress lets you comment without registering but does not let you “like” it… weird I know.

Thanks for reading. 🙂



2 thoughts on “Holy Shit

  1. Love the crop top & cat ears part of your shoot!! Thise are by far my fav pics of you from this day, can’t wait to see whats next!!


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