Oak Park Brewery (Part 2)

So I decided to go back to Oak Park Brewery for a few reasons.

  1. I am new to this whole blogging thing and wanted to come up with list of things to ask or do when I go to the next brewery (OPB was my test run)
  2. Taste beers in the 4 oz. tasting glasses
  3.  I like their beer  and food 🙂


Before going back to Oak Park Brewery, I met up with my buddy Brad at Old Soul Co. for lunch. I had the Cuban Pork Sandwich ($8) which was delicious. Cuban Pork, chipotle aioli pickle, Swiss cheese and tomato on a French roll. It also comes with a green salad with feta, sliced onions and a  balsamic vinaigrette. I also tried their lavender lemonade which was so good! ( BTW I love lemonade)




After an amazing lunch we moseyed on over to Oak Park Brewery.


Of course we sat outside and tried a “flight of beers”. So at OPB they don’t really mention that they offer that. I only knew about it because the first time I went I saw a few people trying beers in the 4 oz.tasting glass but it was never offered to me.

I think that the servers should not only show the beer list to you but also mention that you can try as many as you want in the 4 oz. taster size for $2.00 a glass. Just a little constructive criticism.

Something that I thought was really cool is that they let you pick what beers you want. They also serve them to you in the order that you ordered them.

I have gone to places in the past where they choose the beers for you and serve them from light to dark. I like this method as well but OPB has something unique going on.

I think more people would want to try the “flights of beer” to get a feel for all the beers and then pick out their favorites. They would also be more comfortable trying something new when it is served in a smaller size.



We tried 5 beers:

Broadway 51 Grapefruit Double IPA- I really love this beer. Great flavor.

Station 6 Pitbull Porter – This beer has a chocolatey coffee taste and is very smooth. I enjoyed trying this beer very much.

Airship Amber Ale -ABV 5.8%, IBU 40. This beer has a nice caramel color and has an American pale Ale type taste but with more flavor.

Steamphunk Farmhouse Saison- ABV 5.6%, IBU 20. Slightly tart  light beer. I am new to trying Saisons. I really like the flavor.

Broadway Pale Ale ABV 5.8%, IBU 44. I would say that this beer is hoppy but has a malt like flavor.


(Please note I did not provide all ABV and IBU information on all the beers because they were not available on the website. OPB if you are reading this, could please update your beer list?? 🙂 pretty please )

Of course during my tasting I got hungry and ordered a side of fries and tried their house ranch. I know I said I was trying to lay off the fries but I couldn’t resist. Plus I had a green salad with my sandwich earlier. So there LOL.




Overall I must say I was a happy camper once again at Oak Park Brewery. I recommend going there and trying some beers and trying something from their delicious menu.

Since I started in Oak Park, I will be going to all the breweries in Oak Park first and then go on to the next area.

I would like to give a huge thanks to Brad for helping me get on my feet with my blog. He also took the pics in Oak Park (Part 1). I learned a lot and will continue on my journey. You can check out Brad on IG @cagoldhunter . I wish him all the best in his future endeavors on his creative journey.

If you are interested in collaborating with me you can email me at: beautyandbeerblog@gmail.com or send me a message on IG @beautyandbeer 

If you want me to go to a specific brewery feel free to send me a message on IG or comment  here on my blog.

Check out OPB http://www.opbrewco.com and they have an IG page @oakparkbrewco

Also check out Old Soul Co. http://www.oldsoulco.com and on IG @oldsoulco 







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