Oak Park Brewery (Part 1)

So I went to Oak Park Brewery on 04/10/16. There are a lot of cool spots sprouting up in Oak Park. If you are from Sacramento you know that Oak Park was not the best of places back in the day so with that being said  I am really glad that it is changing for the better and that I can explore Oak Park.

So April 10th was a Sunday. I met up with my buddy Brad. I wanted to try some beers and check out the scene. Nothing formal. Of course Brad brought his camera. He is really trying to help me get a bit more comfortable with taking pics and what not. (Thanks Brad!) I think I am doing better but I will let you guys be the judge of that.

We decided to sit outside. I really like the outside patio feel. It is very chill. People can bring their dogs which I think is so cool. I have a tendency to sit in the corner, part of this is because I like to people watch and because I don’t like people creeping up on me. Our server mentioned that I was sitting at the hummingbird table. If you go, sit there!  I love hummingbirds!!! There are bushes with flowers by this table and the hummingbird just zips around. Also keep in mind you might see a bee or two but the bees don’t really stay long.


So this was not a formal tasting so we just tried a few different beers and ordered food.


Citra IPA- ABV 6.6%, IBU 76. I personally enjoyed the flavor if this beer. I felt like it had a fruit like flavor and not very bitter. I just really enjoyed the way it tasted.

Steamphunk Farmhouse Saison – ABV 5.6%, IBU 20. I felt like this beer was refreshing. Good light beer in my opinion.

Rope Swing Cream Ale -ABV 4.4%, IBU 18. Comparable to an American Lager. Nice flavored crisp beer.

Spiced Belgian Ale – (Don’t have ABV or IBU for this beer, not listed on website) This beer was interesting. I don’t want to say it was bad because it was not bad just different. It was spicy like cinnamon candy. Brad and I shared beers but this one I let him drink, cinnamon candy flavor is not my favorite but if you like that kind of flavor profile check it out.



I ordered the Cajun Buttermilk Shrimp Po-Boy – Cajun slaw & remoulade, sweet potato fries & sriracha ketchup – $15

I substituted  the sweet potato fries for regular fries because I love regular fries. This was so0 good! If I see Shrimp Po- Boy on a menu I have to try it. The cajun slaw was yummy, I had a good amount of shrimp in my sandwich. It is a simple sandwich but simple goes a long way. The bread was soft and I really liked the sriracha ketchup. Their fries get a thumbs up in my book. I know I look serious in the picture below but trying fries is a serious thing.


In case you are wondering Brad got :

Bacon Bleu Mac & Cheese – Gemelli pasta, bacon, caramelized onions with bleu cheese & bread crumbs – $12

I must say that OPB has a very eclectic menu ranging from Pork Belly to Pan Seared Salmon. They have small plates, soups, salads, a kids menu, entrees and non alcoholic beverages. They also have dessert which I did not know they had until I looked on their website.

After eating we played dominoes and just enjoyed the evening.

It was nice to see families, couples and groups of friends just having a good time. There were people playing Giant Jenga and there was live music.



As it got cooler and darker the outside lights came on and the heat lamps got turned on. Very nice ambiance. On Sunday nights they have trivia at 8pm. I didn’t go inside because I was really enjoying the nice night and I am not good at Trivia. LOL.


Overall good times, good food, and good beer.

There is a “part two” to this because I went back to see if they had a “flight of beers”. So stay tuned for that, it should be coming soon.

I definitely recommend checking out Oak Park Brewery.


They are also  on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/oakparkbrewco/


Check out Brad’s Instagram @cagoldhunter https://www.instagram.com/cagoldhunter/

If you would like to collaborate with me email me at beautyandbeerblog@gmail.com

Check out my IG @beautyandbeer https://www.instagram.com/beautyandbeer/

Please comment and let me know what you want to see next! Thank you for reading my blog 🙂

2 thoughts on “Oak Park Brewery (Part 1)

  1. I’ll definitely be checking oak park brewery out, thanks to you!! Love the sensory discriptiveness you give in your posts, makes me feel like I am there! 🙂
    I don’t know what other people are interested in but I am ready for some more beauty product trials, but can’t wait for the next post!! Your doing fabulous!! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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