Nighttime Adventures

Where do I begin?? Well I want to say over a year ago I went out with some friends and we ventured out downtown and hung out at CoinOp. I met Brad that night, he is a friend of a friend. Good times, great night. At the end of the night he says to me “would you be interested in having your picture taken?” I was like ” ugh sure maybe”. My friend Meghan told me he was cool and not a creeper. So I put that idea in my back pocket. When I finally got this project of mine in motion I remembered Brad. I messaged my friend and was like “do you think it would be weird if it hit him up?” She said “not at all”. So she gave me his IG and I sent him a DM.

We messaged back and forth and decided to meet at the Naked Lounge downtown. Now for those of you who know me really well, I hate driving downtown. It stresses me out. I got there on time and the drive was not bad, no real traffic. Since him and I had met before it was not scary. So I get there and I was like “this place is cool”. We both got a Kerouac– The martini of espresso drinks. Four shots of espresso, a touch of condensed milk, a splash of cream, and shaken over ice and served chilled with some coffee beans on top. 


So we started chatting and I told him about my previous photo shoot and how I felt really silly. He also follows @the_lost_coast on IG and admires his work as well. A lot of people like his work. (Like for real not on like any sort of groupie hype, I don’t play that) No lie he does great stuff check his IG out. So I explained to Brad how dumb I felt not knowing how to pose and what not. So Brad took at the camera and while we were chatting would snap a pic of me here and there. Of course as soon as the camera comes out I would freeze. But I feel like by doing this he was putting on the training wheels that I did not have previously. So I drank that Kerouac and wow I was probably talking a mile a minute. We went across the street to Blue Prynt Restaurant and had a bite to eat. They have awesome food! Then we decided to wander around downtown and take some photos.

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I had a blast. I got the feel for the camera and not only that we talked about life stuff and it was cool to talk to someone who understands my awkwardness or the awkwardness in my head. We actually ended up at Arthur Henry’s and we played a game of dominoes. I am not going to brag but this girl right here got those bones on lock. Haha but for reals I am always down to play. This was a great night.


And then….


Just last weekend Brad shoots me a text and asks me if I would be interested in meeting up downtown and finding a spot to do some light painted portraiture with him and his kids. I was down. So that day I purchased a car from Nissan of Elk Grove. Omar here is your shoutout, LOL. My brother competed in the USPA lifting competition in Elk Grove and he placed in his weight class. YAY!.

So it was a great day and I was super excited to learn about slow shutter speeds and what not. So again I have to drive downtown eek. Trying to be brave here. So I drive by Hot Italian and of course no parking. UGH!  I text Brad and he walked up on me and I had not seen him because I was having a meltdown about this whole parking thing in my new car. He pointed me in the right direction. Well I parked somewhere else. Anyways I parked, yay success. I go inside and his kids are eating pizza and drinking root beer. So cool! I got an adult beverage (beer duh) and talked to them about their new shoes. Umm these shoes light up and all that cool stuff. So Brad asked me where I parked and we walked over to my car. I parked by another Naked Lounge… and yes I had another Kerouac. We decided to go to William Land Park. The kids had these cool light swords, a light up soccer ball and glowing wands. Let me tell you these kids knew what they were doing. I loved hearing them both talk about their ideas. I think a lot of Dads out there don’t get credit for what they do for their kids. I think that it is great to allow kids to get creative and explore. Brad was talking to them and they were talking to me. They helped me with my cool pics. We even ran and kicked the soccer ball for fun. I even busted out some cool poses. Kids are awesome and they just bring out the best in me. I felt like I could be myself, it was all fun. A lot of learning. I took some pics too which you can see on Brad’s IG which I will link at the bottom.

Thank you for seeing something in me a year ago, that I am finally starting to see in myself. This blogging journey has really helped me see that not everyone out there is so bad and yea Drake said “No New Friends” but so far my journey has been awesome. Cheers to new friends! I am sure that Brad and I will be working on some other cool stuff soon!!

Brad shoots with a Nikon D3200. He took these pics of me using a 50mm 1.8 prime lens.


If you are interested in collaborating hit me up on IG @beautyandbeer


To those interested in checking out those places or people mentioned in my blog here you go:

Arthur Henry’s Supper Club and Ruby Room

Blue Prynt Restaurant and Bar

Brad @cagoldhunter on IG

Felipe @the_lost_coast on IG

Hot Italian @hotitalian on IG – I need to eat here

Naked Lounge

Rene (my brother) @renemorales87 on IG


Thank you to all my supporters I appreciate it!



3 thoughts on “Nighttime Adventures

  1. Omg!! Love all the adventures felt like I was right there with you reading this one!! The William Land Park pics are cool with all the colors, can’t wait to see what’s next 😉


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