Photoshoot {Part 2}

Hi everyone. So I am excited to write the Part 2 of the Photoshoot post. If you read {Part 1} I kind of talk about the beginning and then I jump to the end of the shoot. So let’s rewind to this beginning. When I got downtown I parked and saw @d0pam1n3. I was worried because I parked in a 15 minute spot. I asked her and she said I would be ok. But in my head I was like ” I really hope my car does not get towed”.  I am kind of awkward when I meet new people alone. If I am with a buddy I am usually good. So I kind of just stood there. There was 4 people and myself. I was still just standing there. I had a backpack and a bag full of make up and clothes. This guy happened to be walking by with his dog and these folks seemed to know him. He asked if we wanted to work in his studio. Cool! I realized I follow this guy on Instagram @cooneyphoto. So we went up there and his place was really nice. @d0pamine and chatted a bit and I told @darthmairon I liked his hair. Then I peeked into the room where all the magic happens. There was a white backdrop and these lights and a computer. We all went in the room. @d0pam1n3 @darthmairon, @cooneyphoto, @the_lost_coast, @maynorchrome and me.

So for those of you that know me know that elevators full of people make me a little nervous. So me being in this room with all these people made me nervous. @d0pamine started and I watched as @the_lost_coast took photos. It looked easy, she made it look easy. Then it was my turn. EEK. I had no clue what to do so @d0pam1n3 gave me some pointers. Have you ever been so deep in a thought that you don’t hear what people are saying? Yea that was happening. I swear they must of thought I had some kind of hearing problem because I kept saying “huh”. The lights felt warm and it didn’t help I was sweating a little because I was out of my element. The lights reminded me of the song “Flashing Lights” by Kanye West (when he was cool and not crazy).

We had a slight intermission and all the guys, @darthmairon, @the_lost_coast, @maynorchrome , and @cooneyphoto were playing with backdrops and lights and stuff. It was cool watching people in their element. That is when @facesofchelsea showed up. Super cool chick with cool rainbow hair. (She def knew what she was doing). I changed into this black dress that I had bought from TJ MAXX from like a year ago. It still had the tags on it. I went to take some pics by myself and well I’m going to be honest. I felt a little silly. I didn’t really know what to do. At one point I just started laughing. People tell me I should smile more so I was hoping for the best by laughing. I suggested some music be played and that sorta helped.


The girls joined me and we took pics together which made things a lot easier because I could follow their lead.


We were all wearing dresses and then we decided we should change. I packed clothes like I was going to model for a gap print ad. @d0pam1n3 handed me a body suit. Ok some you know I barely  even wear shorts. So when I saw this black lacy body suit my heart dropped to my stomach. First of all I don’t know these people and I’m going show more skin than I normally do. In the bathroom I gave myself a pep talk. Like just do it. Maybe my dad filled my head with not showing skin when I was growing up. I think showing skin at 30 is not such a bad thing.. Right? So I went out there and tried not to look uncomfortable. I was light weight sweating so I kept going by the fan. I was trying to keep it cool. (Literally) I think a bit of awkwardness probably showed in some of the pics. I’m hoping that I will get better as I do more shoots. Then the girls joined me and we took some great group photos. @facesofchelsea and I took some photos together. It was awesome.


We wrapped up our shoot and headed out.

@the_lost_coast uses a Nikon D7200. Lens Nikkor 35mm 1.8 and a Tokina 11-16mm. He also has portraits account on IG, @the_lost_portraits. I definitely recommend checking out both accounts. He has 20.8k followers on one account which is a lot! I feel like he took time out of his day to shoot an insta-nobody lol (that could one day change). As long as I am cool in my book that is what matters. But seriously I think it is awesome that he took the time out of his busy schedule to take photos of me.


I suggest you read {Part 1}. 🙂


So so I hope you enjoyed reading about my first photoshoot. Some people have asked me why I did this. I think my whole life I have done what I was expected to do. Those that know me know I have a bit of a creative  side and I have just kept it under wraps. So this is just me writing and exploring and if this turns into something then great! I updated my “about me” so you can read more about me and the direction I’m trying to go with this blog. You can email me at beautyandbeerblog@gmail and follow me on IG @beautyandbeer.

Also I feel like this has motivated me to work out more. No pizza and fries for me.. hahaha. eek.

Check everyone out who was there for my first photoshoot. I can’t say enough how chill everyone was. They all have awesome pages!!

Instagram –

@cooneyphoto –

@darthmairon –

@d0pam1n3 –

@facesofchelsea –

@maynorchrome –

@the_lost_coast –

@the_lost_portraits –

Thanks everyone!! 🙂


Leave me a comment and let me know what you want to read about or see!!





One thought on “Photoshoot {Part 2}

  1. Omg!! Love, love, LOVE the last pic of you & the girl with the rainbow hair!! Two gorgeous ladies!! Don’t worry you’ll be fine the more comfortable you get with it, plus your naturally pretty, with great skin!! Can’t wait to see what your next photoshoot brings us!!

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