Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Yay! My first post about beer. To be honest I was wondering what beer to choose. I like drinking IPA’s. (But really I don’t discriminate against beer). So, for this first post I decided to write about 3 beers. Two of the three I have never tried before and then I chose one of my favorites.

I think going forward I will try to post about a single beer or a few… Maybe go to a brewery or taste room and blog about the experience. I would like to be able to pair the food along with the beer.


Ok, so the first beer I am going to blog about is Slow Roll by Track 7 Brewing Co. I came across this beer while at my fam’s house and decided to try it. This is an IPA.

These cans are really cool.



So I did not pour it out into a glass. My bad. But I can tell you it is not that bitter. I didn’t get much aroma from it, but that could be because I didn’t pour it into a glass. I think it has a crisp taste and I think it’s a good IPA to start with if you want to gradually move up the bitterness scale. I would definitely drink it again. The IBU ( International Bitterness Units) for this beer is 45 IBU and the ABV (alcohol by volume) is 4.9%.

I would like to visit the tap rooms. They have one in Curtis Park and one in Natomas. I want to also check out the food trucks.  If you want to see what they have on tap you can check them out online: http://track7brewing.com. I follow them on Instagram @track7brewing.


So my next beer is one of my favorites. Big Daddy IPA by Speakeasy. I tried this beer a few years ago and what drew my attention was the packaging. I just love the 1920’s feel. The images against a black background with the bright lettering. I like the mobsters on this  and the green lettering (my favorite color).  I must say I have tried a lot of their beers and they are great.


The Big Daddy IPA is golden in color and I can smell a citrus aroma. I can taste citrus and it has a bitter aftertaste. I like the level of bitterness(medium) and I have paired this beer with wings and burgers. This is the first time I saw it on tap, I usually purchase a 6-pack of bottles. When I took this picture I was at Fire Wings.

The ABV for this beer is 6.5% and the IBU is 60. The higher the IBU the more bitter it is.

Speakeasy has a taste room in San Francisco. I definitely want to check it out. I would love to taste their Baby Daddy IPA. To learn more about this beer or any of the beers in the Speakeasy family check them out at: http://www.goodbeer.com/. Follow them on IG @speakeasybeer.


Ok so last but not least is a beer a came across at the grocery store. Nitro IPA by Guinness. Guinness is the St. Patty’s day beer and I love IPA’s so I figured this would be a great choice.


I poured the beer into a glass and it has a darker amber color to it. To me it was not bitter at all. It tasted smooth but I feel like it tastes like a watered down Guinness Drought with some other flavors. Easy to drink. It is not that hoppy more of an earthy flavor. I am a fan of Guinness but I am not sure about this one.  Not bad but I was expecting more.

ABV on this beer is 5.8% and the IBU is 40.

Check them out online: https://www.guinness.com/en-us/. They have some cool videos on their site. Follow them on IG @Guinness

I plan on posting a beer post once a week. I definitely want to try what is local in Sacramento. I hope you enjoyed reading this. Let me know how you feel about this and if you have any suggestions on places and/or beers to try you can find me on IG @beautyandbeer https://www.instagram.com/beautyandbeer/

Have a safe St. Patty’s day! Take Uber and Lyft  if you have consumed alcohol. Please DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE. You could be endangering yourself, the lives of others and the state of California will take your money for years.


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