Photoshoot {Part 1}

 I was doing my usual scrolling on Instagram and checked out @d0pam1n3 account and took a look at her pictures. We know each other in real life and I expressed to her how I wanted to dabble in this modeling stuff. She told me that she would be down to have me join her and collab with some photographers and other models she knows. So we set a date.
I was excited and at the same time terrified. I can take a great selfie (if I do say so myself) but having someone take your picture is way different. I told myself if I am going to blog about beauty I need to get a feel for this. The beer part I got down. For those that know me know that I am one of those people who has stacks of magazines everywhere. I love fashion magazines and I always wondered if I could do something like that. (Now that I look back I should have prepared better by practicing  some poses/looks).
The day of the shoot I paced around my room. Then pulled a whole bunch of stuff out of my closet.I made a mess. I had no idea what to bring and then I was concerned because I thought,what if I did not bring enough? EEK. I needed to keep my cool because I did not want to be super anxious. So I put some DRAKE on and put my make up on. That was fun I truly enjoyed doing my make up that day. I did not want to do too much but I needed to make sure that contour was on “fleek”. LOL.
On the way to the shoot which was at the Artist’s Lofts (Downtown Sac), I tried not to overanalyze which is something I do too much. I know I need to work on that. I got there and saw @d0pam1n3 and everyone who was going to be part of the shoot. EEEK I can be so awkward when it comes to meeting new people but I tried to not let the fear show and keep my cool.  So I was fortunate to meet some very talented individuals. I was able to shoot in a studio. This part was awkward because this is all new to me, I felt dumb and let me say that no one made me feel dumb but I felt dumb in my head.
This is where I have to say {Part 2} of this blog will go in more detail of the first part of the shoot and the photographer who took my first pictures. He does great work. I really feel honored that he took my time to take my pictures.  
So lets fast forward to later in the day. We moved into the Artist’s Loft Laundry room and this is where Dexter Coffman @darthmairon took some pictures of @d0pam1n3, @facesofchelsea and me. I know you are thinking “a laundry room?” Yes you will see how great this space was.  A little background on Dexter he is 22 and is self taught for everything and started this venture last February. Architecture, landscape and street photography are his favorite things to shoot.Great work!! He is trying to do more portraits since he feels its not his forte at the moment. After you see these pics I think he needs to do more portraits because he is good at it. I took pics with the girls. They are both naturals at this. By this point in the day I felt more comfortable and followed their lead. I wore a crop top, yes me. I never show skin like ever so this was me really stepping out of my comfort zone. We switched places, switched up the poses and looks and then we were done. I can’t stress enough how lucky I was to work with such nice people. It was a great day. We all started following each other on social media and parted ways.
Then the wait began….  I was just super excited and checked my email constantly . Then I got an email. And there was the magic.
I couldn’t believe that was me. ME lol. I fell in love with these pics. It was a rush of happiness mixed with excitement. I truly felt on top of the world, I mean come on we all look amazing. There are not enough words to describe how these pictures make me feel. Elated, ecstatic and euphoric are just a few…


I have learned that the pictures come in waves. So I will be posting pics on my IG @beautyandbeer as I receive them. Dexter edits  95% Lightroom and 5% Photoshop for touchups. He shoots with a Nikon D5100, 24mm and 35mm.
There is so much I could write and go on and on. . .
I needed to step out of my shell, I am happy I did. I got to work with some beautiful people (inside and out). Just really great. Thank you so much for all the tips and being reassuring.
Please check out their Instagram pages.
Photographer @darthmairon
Models: @facesofchelsea @d0pam1n3
I will be blogging about the first part of this day as soon as I get some pics to share on the blog. I will also be sharing more photos on Instagram. Thank you for reading my first post!!! I hope you enjoyed it and come back soon.

2 thoughts on “Photoshoot {Part 1}

  1. So proud of you Nicole, for taking a chance and stepping out of you’re comfortable zone. The pics came out great! You all look amazing!!! 😘


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